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I phone V Nokia97 mini


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They're not necessarily direct competitors, Bob - why have you narrowed down to these two?

The mini has a QWERTY keyboard which may help if you are a heavy texter, emailer or, indeed, poster to the EDF.

It will also be a better telephone than the iPhone, which you will appreciate if you make loads of voice calls. And the camera's fantastic - better then the iPhone's.

But its touch screen and UI is rated pretty poorly - meaning if you are a big user of things like music and other apps you may find it frustrating.

The iPhone is... the iPhone. Very good at making web stuff, pictures, music, all that, very simple and easy to use. Poorish at being an actual phone (some say) and some also struggle with the keypad/ text option.

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I've got the handset for free with t-mobile, on an 18 month contract. 800 minutes, unlimited texts and web access for ?36 a month. Not a cheap deal, but for the amount I use my phone, it's good for me.

I'll let you know how I get on with it.

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Keef I dont know if your is the same as a friend of mine but they had a lot of trouble with it freezing up they had to keep removing the battery to un freez it if you googel it there are some forums on it, thanks Ted Max

Bob S

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Keef Wrote:


> This whole mobile phone thing has become an

> absolute minefield hasn't it!


> I've just this morning ordered the new Sony

> Ericsson Satio, as it has a 12 megapix camera.

> Hoping it won't be a let down.


It will but the picture of your "miffed" face will be perfect ( post them please )


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