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Play Groups in East Dulwich

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There are lots of playgroups, I'm sure others will add to this, but the ones I have attended (some in SE15) are:

Leapers - Rye Oak primary school (SE15) Tues & Wed from 9am (free)

Bookstart - Bew Court (LL estate) Wed 10am (free)

Goose Green centre - Thurs 10am (?1 for one child, ?1.50 for two)

Dulwich Library baby & toddler group - Thurs 10.30am (free)

Babble & Squeak (new playgroup advertised on the forum) - Fri mornings at the Magnolia pub (?3/?5 I think)

Bumps & Babes NCT teagroup - bottom of Red Post Hill Fri mornings from 9:30am

There are also baby groups at both the Magnolia and the Plough pubs (I think the Plough one is still going, I haven't been for a very long time).

Hope that helps.

P x

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Hi there,

Kate and Tina from Babble and Squeak Playtime here...

Thank you very much for including us in the above list Pickle and just we wanted to clarify our prices as it looks like we've been a bit unclear - apologies for that.

It's ?3 for the 1st baby/child and ?2 for siblings over 12 months and ?1 for siblings over 6 months. Siblings under 6 months are free.

Hope this helps Adrianamirica and it would be lovely to see you (and of course you too Pickle)on Friday from 10am.

All the very best x

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Baby and Toddler group at the Copleston Community Centre (Church on Copleston Rd)- Tue 10-12, lots of space for toddlers to run around, babies corner, crafts, juice fruit and biscuits,coffes for mums and dads, and singing at the end.

?1 donation

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Hi there

I run a drop off and collect art & craft/music and movement playgroup for 2 - 5 yr olds, just behind the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. There are two sessions per day and one on Saturday morning.Come up the hill to take a look or visit www.piplingsplaygroup.com. Hope to see you there!

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