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'Tis The Season - Top 10s


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Ah, the papers have been stuffed with 2010 Top Ten lists for the last few days.

I would like to take the highbrow approach and castigate such shameless subjective, lazy journalism - but actually I secretly adore it (along with my other guilty pleasure of reading reviews of really bad restaurants).

Today The Guardian is weighing in with its TV Top 10 http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2010/dec/12/tv-2010-review-phil-hogan

Here's mine (I'm the only person I know who didn't like the new Sherlock Holmes):

1) Mad Men

2) Ashes to Ashes - the finale in particular

3) Misfits

4) True Blood

5) Masterchef (I know... I'm so ashamed)

6) Downtown Abbey

7) Lost (I still can't forgive the ending, otherwise it would be higher)

8) The Trip

9) The Inbetweeners

10) Any Human Heart - slow start but then pretty good

So if you're bored... please join me.

Edited because I screwed up by leaving an errant Misfit. I'm not well so put it down to that :))

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Not sure about the order, wanted to put Mongrels higher, but didn't see all of them.

1. Misfits

2. Inbetweeners

3. Ashes to Ashes

4. True Blood

5. Mongrels

6. Pillars of the earth (based on the first couple of episodes, I thought this would be higher, but it faded towards the end)

7. Apprentice

Christ, I can't think of any more, don't think I've really watched anything else...


8. Match of the day

9. I'm a celebrity (because Shaun Ryder was fun)

10. X Factor (because it'#s the only other thing I've watched).

Planning to get box sets of Mad Men, as we missed out on it.

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Top ten things to do on the forum:

1. My ladies footy group drinks nights out

2. My ladies footy on Sundays

3. Troll

4. Dulwich Hamlet home games

5. Poker ar Bar Boho

6. EDF Drinks (although never been to one but seems popular)

7. Goose is Out (ditto never having been to one but can't argue with 'sold out')

8. Pull the Other one at the Ivy House.

9. Sell stuff

10. Post


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Ooh, Mark Gatiss' History of Horror was lovely too. Amazed there was no Shining, and he didn't get to the current crop of creepy horror, such as Cronos, Japanese etc (thhou there was a brief nod to them) but he did stipulate it was a very personal exploration ofnthe genre.

But I digress.

Right top ten albums next.....

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Albums, not ordered:

belle & sebastian - write about love.

Possibly their best album yet and a return to form after a few efforts they appeared to sleepwalk their way through.

arcade fire - the suburbs.

Part of me wanted not to like it so much just because it'll doubtless grace evy blimmin top ten in the sycophantic press (see also everything radio head do), but it really is very good, and full of the joy and charm of their debut.

avi buffalo - avi buffalo.

I still can't believe these guys are all in their teens, it's so poised and mature, some excellent song writing and quality tunes.

crystal castles - II.

I don't really do much electronic these days, but this album actually demands something from the listener. Missus mockney doesn't allow it in the car as it does her head in and that's usually a pretty good sign.

deerhunter - halcyon digest.

Again something of a grower, but mellower than their more experimental early stuff and with a wonderful pop sensibility woven throughout.

fight like apes - the body of christ and the legs of tina turner.

It's very FLA, full of acerbic observations and angry break ups, but it just oozes into you after a few listens. Great fun and long may they continue, though from the tenor of a couple of songs I think they may be considering letting go some of their more disturbing tendencies.

the national - high violet.

Another return to form album, achingly beautiful yet despite the dark tones, curiously optimistic.

vampire weekend - contra.

Yeah it's short, it's a bit like graceland, it's great fun and catchy.

frightened rabbit - winter of mixed drinks.

Builds on their debut, offering up another grim, yet poetically stirring slice of glasweigan life.

zola jesus - stridulum II.

Falling somewhere between Siouxsie and the banshees and Florence and the machine, a great solo effort from Nika Danilova. Well worth checking out.

Honourable mentions:

caribou - swim

sufjan stevens - age of adz

joanna newsom - have one on me (too scattershot to get under your skin, but some lovely songs amongst the filler)

hold steady - heaven is whenever (eel, forgot about this one. Springs teen with a sense of humour, can I have a top. 11 please?)

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....aaaaaand forgot Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record.

It'd frankly top the otherwise unordered top ten, but there's something about BSS that manages quality across an ecelctically diverse range of styles so effortlessly, that it's a bit like including a Pro Evo game in your top ten games. It just sort of goes without saying so why bother.

But for those who haven't stumbled upon this Canadian collective, then you are missing out.

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