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Horror films


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Oh yes, "from beyond".

I'm still convinced we all have a third eye on a stalk in our foreheads, just waiting to be set free!!!

Not a horror film, but if people like lovecraft, then Call of Cthulhu is a great game on PC and consoles, non gaming horror fans might consider it too, as it's scarier than most films are these days.

Maybe it's something about the immersive nature of gaming, but the good examples definitely creep you out or make you jump more than films do.

See also Fear, Dead Space...list goes on....

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The Candyman brings back memories. Ha. They don't make good scary movies like that anymore.

Carry was also one of my faves along with The Omen Trilogy (although 1 & 2 were much better than the last one. But I needed to finish the series).

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I watched Eraserhead the other night, not intentionally I just woke up at 3am and decided to watch a film and it was on the Horror Channel. By far the weirdest and most surreal film I've ever seen...Alien baby, dancing girls in radiators, pencil rubbers...However, I appreciate the storyline was more about the main character's state of mind as opposed to what was actually being acted out. The film actually left me feeling a little depressed!
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