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Virgin Broadband - down for Xmas :(


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If a neighbours wifi is unprotected all you have to do is connect to it from the list on your computer/device - it's not legal still I believe but you can do it that way

(it won't have a lock next to it on a list of available wifi connections)

if you goto a website which has https instead of http at the start of the address you should be secure regardless of connection. Should be...

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Narnia Wrote:


> I'm obviously a neighbour and don't have a

> problem. Wonder what yours is?


> PS How did you post a message here?


> ETA: It's probably some form of even more modern

> technology I suppose

I've had no phone line for 3wks and the cable won't be repaired till Jan 18th (apparently council permission has to be organised). I do have Bb and TV :-S

Neighbours on the other side of the same junction box have had no Bb while I've had no phone .....


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I do work from home and intend to take them to the cleaners.

I do empathise that the snow we've had must play havoc with the underground cabling and it must be awful for the guys (usually chaps) that have to be out in all weathers at junction boxes and playing about under the pavement.

What really upsets me though is the denial (from others ..... those that are presumably cosy in their offices) and the fact that we have to ask for recompense. When I got the news on 23rd that I had 4 more weeks without phone (or fax which is still very important for me) I had to demand some courtesy facility.

I suggested a courtesy mobile or courtesy SIM card for my own (?15 for 300mins) .... this IS after all Xmas and NY and they must know a lot of my calls are international anyway..... the response made me wonder whether someone didn't know what day it was.

I had to do a real number in their shop (given that no line means not even access to an operator or emergency services).

A real one of these :


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