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petrol prices


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Haven't been on petrol site for ages, so just checked. When I said Tesco, I meant Esso! Here's the breakdown (Morrisons have moved into second place):

Esso Forest Hill Express 119.9p updated 22-12-2010

Morrisons Peckham 120.9p 23-12-2010

Murco E.Dulwich 122p 23-12-2010

BP Peckham Connect 122.9p 23-12-2010

Texaco Grove Vale 123.9p 23-12-2010

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What website is that for cheap petrol in your area?

Otherwise I shall check on here.

I heard on Radio 4 a prog about whiskey that it costs about 40p to put the whiskey in the bottle, the rest is tax and reasonable profits for the company.

The government taxes about 80% (I think?) for the petrol?

Thanks for posting the cheaper places - don't forget that driving the extra miles to the cheaper petrol may not make economical sense!

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I particularly liked this bit on that apocalyptic site

Breaking News: Monday December 20th, 2010

"Last Friday's update will be the final LATOC Breaking News update. LATOC will remain as an archived resource here on the web but will no longer be updated. I'm moving on to focus on my astrological and related practices. Those of you who have asked about consultations, my standard rate is $200 for a full anaylsis of your chart in MS Word format. More infomation at my astrology site: MattSavinar.net"

Best of luck,

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