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Bah! Humbug! Loss of Christmas spirit


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It's not even Christmas yet and I have lost the Christmas spirit. The streets are full of shoppers who feel compelled to spend ?????s on their loved ones, buying tonnes of useless tat that no-one needs/wants just prove how much they love them.

I'm looking forward to spending time with family but can't help but feel over-whelmed by the consumerism and pressure from shops to spend spend spend.

Can someone help me regain a little seasonal spirit before I descend on my family with the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge instead? :(

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shops where? on the Lane? mostly food shops busy at a time when families are stocking up for big meals

It;s good to see the place busy but I'm not getting much pressure to buy anything

If you are talking about Oxford St and the like, then that's what those places exist FOR - I'd keep well clear

For Christmas spirit I was up on the lane early this morning buying some veg, stopped off in G&B for a coffee and a chat - everyone was really friendly and smiley - I felt goodwill to all people

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I admit, Oxford Street was a huge mistake on my part, but I count myself in those who are compelled to spend (this year at least). I wish I could make everyone happy with jars of homemade chutney etc but have tried this in the past and the crest-fallen looks have said it all. It seems that chutney is a nice gift if accompanied by something 'proper'!

Just a grumble. I recall my nieces all loving the Sheldon the Turtles I knitted them one year - perhaps I should resolve to start thinking about Christmas earlier and not resort to the high street so much.

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Sorry Ladyruskin but I'm not feeling any pressure at all to buy anything. Just as well because I'm not spending. Spending too much/eating too much at Christmas (or any other times of the year) are a huge turn off for me. Christmas is what it is and you can't change it. The only thing you can change is your own behaviour. I suggest you avoid whatever it is that's triggering your loss of Christmas spirit because there's joy to be had too and it sounds like you're missing out.
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Oh dear Ladyruskin,

Think of the 5 people you love the most. Go and give them the biggest hug and tell them just what they mean to you. If that is not practical, give them a ring and tell them over the phone.

Failing that, get a bottle of vodka and get plastered.

Merry Christmas x

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You cant come on here and describe the tat shops of LL in anything but glowing terms.( dont touch the bread at the EDD though)

tut tut. You will have the LL small shopkeeper vigiliante squad round your gaff if you continue with this line and driven out to somewhere like Catford - a place where it is possible to go to a butcher, get your hunk of bloody flesh and be out again in 1 minutes.

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Oh dear Ladyruskin I see you went to Oxford Street; well no wonder you're down in the dumps. I'm also sorry that your homemade gifts were met with scorn - that's not the Christmas spirit. I would concur with LadyM - all I want for Christmas is a hug really. I don't think grown ups should expect to receive big gestures. Most children that I know get too much for Christmas - everything overdone. There's no need to be spending too much money.

Best plan early next year. It's done now for this year though so get yourself a large drink of something and congratulate yourself for getting through pre-Christmas Oxford Street. A very good friend of mine works in Selfridges - he hates Christmas!

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I think you may be suffering from resentment, not loss of Christmas spirit.I think you actually love The festive


It shows in the effort you have made to make home made jams, a very traditional present in the shires.

The mistake you made was not buying other presents earlier and squirrelling them away

You went to Oxford street,and it caused you anxiety,a mental battle of wanting something you couldn,t afford perhaps

and then resentment was created,maybe deep down you thought your homemade presents didnt match up to the tat people

seemed to want.

As well as the real reason for Christmas. it is also the the time to be daft and overindulge,buying rubbish amuses,

Thoughtful homemade presents have their own lasting charm. Relax its a short little moment in time that should be

cherished. Plan earlier next time.and have a nice Christmas with your family.Merry Christmas


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giggirl Wrote:


> Oh LadyM you don't have THAT much time. Get off

> the forum and get on with it. Have a fabulous

> Christmas.


> Pxx

Logging off now...

Christ, hope trains/tubes are running:-S xxx


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Hugs to giggirl. I utterly agree with your postings. I have not bought any presents.


Neither am I expecting any.

I buy things for people when I know they need it.

Mr PR bought me a fabulous hat at the recent Ivy House craft fayre day a weekend ago.

MrPR needs slippers. He ain't getting any now that's for damn sure.

I never ever ever send Christmas cards either. Yet people still send them to me.


I'm not grumpy, or miserable, indeed I am looking forward to doing The Meal, but as for all the stuff, not interested.

Mind you, if we had kids - nahhhhh !

Midwinter Greetings everyone!

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