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Are you a 'he' or a 'she '?!!

aquarius moon

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After just reading a recent post by OliviaDee, (where she assumes that Huguenot and Jah Lush are 'boys'),

it made me think how nice it would be to actually know whether fellow posters are male or female.

For those of us who don't know anybody personally, it would be easier replying to comments, trying to

understand somebodys opinion etc. if you know whether the person you are talking to, is the same species,

or on a totally different wavelength!!

I'm a 'she' by the way!

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It is an interesting point though because I like how some women think like men but rarely vice versa, so I agree that I try and reply on the quality (or lack of) the post, rather than making assumptions, or forgiving them because maybe they're just a lady having a bad time of the month...
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Obviously it was a mistake starting this thread, as nobody wants to take it seriously.

I'm sure there are some people on this forum that don't know anybody personally and can't,

for whatever reasons, attend the drinks/social events.

It would have been nice, when responding to posts, to at least have some idea of who you are

talking to.

It isn't sexist, just helpful, and a way to get to know people better.

Not everyone can get out and about regularly in ED socialising, and those that do, have an

advantage on here, because they know each other!

Hence, my original post.

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People are just joshing with you, Aquarius. After all, anonymity is one of the prime characteristics of Internet communication, and that anonymity is precious to many.

(that said, I reckon you could work out the sex of the vast majority ofthose that have posted on this thread without too much trouble!)

For the record, I may not be a lady but I'm all woman. Also my moniker should be pronounced to suggest that I'm bovine, rather than to suggest I'm close cousins with the elk. Rhymes with booze and shoes, and is not loose onthe hoos.

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