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White van on street for nearly 2 weeks

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There's been a van parked on our road for nearly 2 weeks, it's taxed as I looked it up, but it's been there a while and no sign of coming and going...a neighbour who works from home has not seen anyone at all.

Maybe we are paranoid after watching too many netflix thrillers but is it worth reporting in case it's something dodgy?

Happy for you to tell me we're overreacting!

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You?re overreacting :)

On our street on Kelmore Grove, one guy who doesn?t even live on the street (lives in Catford) has 3 vehicles parked. A large van, and 2-3 cars. All taxed as I?ve checked myself!

People who leave vehicles on your street have every legal right to do so. Unfortunately it?s probably linked to CPZs in other areas, and it?s the gradual parking control creep across London.

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There has been an old blue SAAB parked on East Dulwich Grove for the past year and a half. Never moves, flat tyres, covered in dirt and windows so black they look tinted!. Is so old that it doesn?t need tax or MOT. Might be abandoned but council & DVLA can?t touch it as it isn?t breaking any rules. Shame to see an old classic in such a state.
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