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Kaival News Closing


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KidKruger Wrote:


> The miserable place

Ah. Is this the place who wouldn't take in my parcel in the afternoon, despite having no notices up to say so, and made me lug a really heavy and bulky parcel all the way to Barry Road despite the fact they could see I was practically in tears?

The one on Lordship Lane between the Coop and the roundabout?

Or is this another miserable one?

ETA: Just googled it. Sorry should have done that before.

It's a different one.

Never had any issues with Kaival then, and sorry they are closing.

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bob Wrote:


> Saw that last week I thought it might be a refurb

> they've been there for years Bob S

There's a notice on the door saying they have moved to Greenwich.

Edited to say it's Hindwoods I am referring to!

I hope whoever moves in will keep the lovely old things at the sides of the door (don't know what they are called!)

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