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Reasonably priced hygienist required


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What services do dental hygienists provide beyond what you can pay for on the state? It's many years since my state dentist referred me to one. I get a scale and polish as part of my routine check. I did some work on dentistry years ago, meeting dentists and trade/professional groups, and then it was argued by some that even a scale and polish didn't actually benefit the oral health of the patient. I managed to get into the habit of flossing a few years ago which has helped both the gums receding and cavities. Other simple tips, do not let sweet drinks and juice linger in the mouth, and when you clean your teeth don't wash your mouth out afterwards. Let the flouride toothpaste do its job. All of that was from dental professionals not word of mouth (ho ho).
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A common view amongs many involved in the profession not my own dentist. My wonderful dentist gives me a scale and polish, I tend not to say "do you really need to do this, there is some evidence that it isn't particularly useful', and it is part of my check up. A previous dentist used to scowl and tell me that I'd been drinking too much tea and red wine.

My dentist is a similar age and went through the save level of poor dental hygiene (eg Ribena, that rotted many kids teeth in the 60s to 80s), one of the water companies that did't put flouride in the water, and drill and fill unnecessary intervention by state dentists. The latter is no longer a practice. All four of us kids over 15 years when to the same butcher who did dentistry from a caravan in the playground twice a year. Fortunately kids have better advice, better oral hygiene and better preventive dentistry now. Nice comparison of similar metropolitan areas with and without flouride - Birmingham vs Bolton, 50% more cavities in the latter.


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We left Smile some time ago as they were constantly pushing cosmetic products - unfortunately hubby fell for this and agreed to tooth whitening and was shocked when he was charged over ?200. He never used the product - also he was not informed of the cost of the treatment before he started it.
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I pay ?95 for a 45 minute hygienist session and I think that's fair in the current circumstances where the room and equipment is sanitised after each patient. Because of the cleaning, each hygienist is able to treat a reduced number of patients.

There is also the cost of PPI equipment which is necessary now.

I consider ?95 good value and money well spent.

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malumbu Wrote:


> I get my scale and polish under tier 1 charges.


> If your private dentists misinforms you you can

> (and should) complain. They have codes of

> practice, complaints procedures and ultimately

> this can be considered by the General Dental

> Council

Did you mean NHS Dentist? I had no idea that scale and polishes were still available under Tier 1.

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