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How much is a swim at Dulwich?


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Thank you. I am resident. If it's only 90p / swim then I'm good to go.

If it's £5.50, I can't afford it.

I'll find out which it is and report back in case anyone else is interested.

Shame they can't just put the information on the website. Still, the exercise going down there will do me good ;-)

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The booking system is like the hunger games for swimming, I use the app and you have to make sure you get on it at the right time to get a space, and do it at least 5 days ahead to get a chance if lane swimming (10 people for each of the lanes, slow medium and fast) 

There's a waiting list if you can't get on, but I've never got a space while on it.. totally confusing as, when Ive managed to get a slot and it says on the website the lanes are full with some on the wait list, i get in the pool to find hardly anyone there, one day there was just three of us, when the website said it was full 🤷‍♂️

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Please tell them it’s not good enough. I emailed the head of leisure. 
Also, a man who approached me as I left the building quizzed me about the place. I told him the god and the bad, stressing the unnecessary booking system for swimming, and he told me he may be the new general manager. So, who knows? Maybe it will help bring about a change. 
Please do email the head of leisure and your councillor. I can’t see them agreeing with such a waste of opportunities to swim when they’re pushing the sport for all line so fervently. 

Councillor Catherine Rose cabinet member for neighbourhoods, leisure and parks


your councillor can be found at WriteToThem. 

10 hours ago, claresy said:

I think that people forget to cancel sometimes, hence empty lanes.  

Yeah, which is bad enough, but people also book and then just CBA to turn up. 
It’s no way to operate a public facility. 

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Its the same with classes...unless you book over a week in advance they are all full, I go on the waitlist then about an hour before the class start places become available.

by then its too late to change my arrangements pack my stuff and get to the centre.

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