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Earl Aelfheah

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My first post was around October or November 2006. At the very beginning you could post without registering, and there was no Lounge.

Perhaps unsurprisingly my first post was about pub crawls.

El Pibe was here slightly before me. StraferJack came a few months later (both with different names).

I was Keef but don't remember my row with Lou.

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I joined in June 2007 after lurking for months beforehand, my first official forum activity was to give away an old tv. Some dodgy bloke called Keef turned up to collect it :)

Like the idea of a 10th anniversary party!

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Joined in February 2007, first posted in May 2007 - a blow-in from the SE1 Forum. Now I think about it, have been amazingly lucky to find two great local forums (fora?) in the places I've lived in London.

The first person I met 'in real' was Michael Palaeologus (who sold me a coffee table and was lovely with it).

Definitely would be up for 10th anniversary drinks.

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Just had a read back over those early posts ruffers provided the link to.

Great to see DulwichMum and Quaywe posts. Also, one of the unregistered early *Bob* sarcasm bombs. Something about someone jumbling the same 8 words and comparing it to making a conversation with a fruit machine? Snorks in the early years before it all got out of hand too.



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So the front page looked like this 9 years ago -


Important: Vote for the best bar/pub in East Dulwich.

Lordship lane shop gossip

!!!New!!! www.Myspace.com/eastdulwich

Wireless Internet Spot

Fish and Chip shop on Northcross road

Italian restaurants (lack thereof)

Turning right from East Dulwich Road onto Forest Hill Rd

The best Sunday lunch in Dulwich?

Why is Dulwich the poor relation?

East Dulwich property prices

street lights in the SE15/SE22 area

Gun Crime finds ED

Women only sessions at the Dulwich Leisure Centre pool

Government Pulls plug on new boys school for 2007

Car Boot Sales near East Dulwich

East Dulwich Cat Owners

Pub quizes in East Dulwich (near Barry Rd)

Goose Green Consultation - East Dulwich

About East Dulwich Forum

Graffiti in Dulwich

Plus ca change..

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