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RE: Any one tried Lilypadz or are they Lilypads?


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Hi I used them and they were great.

I used washable and disposable for most of the time but for nights out or days away from the baby I used these.

They have the sticky coating that you get on those stick on bras etc so found for the basic day to day routine they were not really practical as you have to peel it off your breast and sit it on the side and to put them back on you have to depress the nipple and smooth it on.

not practical if you are out having a coffee in cafe nero and have to start messing with your nipples!

Washable and disposable breast pads generally are just there to soak up the leaks where these stop you leaking as they stop your nipples becoming erect so they cant leak.

if you have to go back to work whilst still breast feeding, or will be going out for special occasions where you really dont want that wet patch that always happens when you really dont want it to then get some. I only used mine a few times but really thought they were worth it as they were great peace of mind that I wouldnt be leaking all over the place, and you dont get the pad ring in your bra that if you have a very thin top on you can sometimes spot.

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I used the Lilypads for one day - which was a whole day when I went to be interviewed for my current job (I was on maternity leave at the time). They worked well in that I think they 'fit' much better than the disposable or material ones (which I always felt left you with a noticeable ring around your boob through clothing). The only drawback I found was that they got sweaty/milky inside (obviously no absorbtion) and my boobs were really painful afterwards - but that could have been becasue I was not breastfeeding for a whole day in the first place. Through clothing though they work really well and no 'rims' around your boobs.
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I bought some LilyPadz and they don't seem to stick on at all. Tried washing and air-drying, as recommended, and still no joy. Quite annoyed as are expensive. I have quite small boobs - don't know if this could be the problem?!

Washable ones are great once nipples have 'settled down'. I don't rate the Natracare disposable pads at all: they seemed to stick to nipples, which would be agony if they're bleeding/cracked.

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