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Winter Green

Ted Max

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Me too. A weak joke based on the juxtaposition of her sig and her post. Am I really likely to be implying that PR is chasing up funeral business on the EDF?

Just to add, there is no actual child, ill or otherwise, ball, winter or even autumn, for that matter. There is a Green, though.

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???? Wrote:


> Just Three more questions (bet Joyce had none of

> this shite before the internet eh Ted)


> 1) If it's autumn why winter

Let me explain here Mr. U+00A3 esquire.

Green also means, new, inexperience and un-ripened. Autumn is therefore ?green winter? or ?winter green? if you insist on being all poetic and shit. It has all the potential to be winter but hasn?t yet dipped its wick as it were.

The metaphor then stretches further into the realms of horticulture with the ball symbolising the seed of the season?s decline which is planted in autumn and ripens to fruition into winter.

Here the writer is cleverly juxtaposing the common imagery of life blossoming in the summer with his intentional reversal of the concept.

He then goes on to mention ?patinates? (which I think were Victorian, ladies under things) and ?taught skin? which just goes to show that like most authors he is using his art as a thinly veiled indulgence of his own perversions and is probably also a communist.

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