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Toto, I have the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore


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Now come on Giggi, you're just using the weather/Oz motif to introduce us to your latest footwear acquisition.

Ruby red? Are the heels 'clickable'? Do you start out wearing them in one place, end up in another and not know how you got there? With three of the campest blokes imaginable?

Congratulations, it's you sporting the Laboutins in Soho House with Prince, Mick Jagger and Michael Gove.

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giggirl Wrote:


> I'm so busted - red shoes are my favourites. How

> can anyone not love red shoes!


> Unfortunately I stubbed my toe today on the way to

> the gym so I'm hobbling around and my footwear

> this evening is aesthetically challenged to say

> the least.


Oh SEQUINED red shoes of course but, yes red all the way

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Oh my god, our house can WHISTLE! This is the first storm I've experienced in our new house, so it was all pretty new to me!! Just glad I wasn't out there - I feel sorry for whoever & whatever was! I have been out in one of these before & I'm not joking when I say it lifted me up a little & almost blew me away! I was TERRIFIED.
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karter Wrote:


> watch out giggirl, the sun may be shining but the

> wicked witch is lurking around the next corner...

Nonsense: it's too cold to lurk, I was at home with my slippers on.

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