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I won a "Free Holiday" whats the catch?


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At Discover Dogs last week, I entered a draw only cos the woman dragged me and filled it out for me, so I get a phone call from them saying I have won a trip for 4 to Algarve, Southern Spain, Tenerife, Cornwall or Scotland, flights and self catering accomodation. I asked what the catch is, they said there is no catch, I asked if they sell time shares, she said they do, but all they want me to do is recommend them if I enjoy the holiday. We have to go to a 2 hour presentation in the West End (London) to get our info. Time share presentation me thinks.

Me and my husband are not the types to be talked into buying a timeshare, we have a house in Granada already, but what would you do?

Thanks :)

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My mother "won" something like this, and "a fat man in a cheap suit" tried to force her to buy a time share. Then the costs of the charges/taxes etc on top of the flight became obvious, and ran into hundreds of pounds. He hadn't met Brenda before, she took out her bible, her pictures of Padre Pio, rosary beads, splinters of the true cross etc, and tried to convert him to Catholicism. Eventually, he paid for her taxi home, admitted they were all sinners and apologised profusely!

Brenda is a defenceless Irish widow...

Its a con.

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The catch is the two hour presentation where they "convince" you to buy into time share.........never been to something like this but I'm sure there has been a consumer advice tv prog using undercover reporters showing this to be a scam.....does this ring a bell with anyone??

Don't touch it.....

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Was it a company called CLC? I know someone who worked for their property sales (the non-timeshare side) and they had property in those places - the Cornwall/Scotland combination is what made me wonder.

Yes, they'll give you the trip BUT you will have to sit through a long long conversation about buying a timeshare or a property that you'll own and they'd guarantee you rental income. And you may have to sit through another when/if you actually go. Probably depends on how valuable your time is and how stubborn you are at saying no as to whether it's worth it.

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Pickle Wrote:


> Agree, has to be a time share. And so many people

> in your situation go along saying "I'd never buy a

> time share" yet get subjected to some kind of

> brainwashing and end up with one!

There's no such thing as brainwashing unless it's chemical or accidental. There is, however, gullibility and stupidity, too much of it. Go up town, take in a show and have a meal or something, a night out. On the way, drop into this place, listen to the gumpf, drink the champagne if there is any; then tell them to stuff it and head off out for the evening.

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USed to work for a similar company in my Uni days... the mugs who fell for it came along to a 2 hour presentation that soon turned into a 3.5-4hr presentation, and you were free to leave at any time, but would not get your holiday!!

They do have to give you the holiday, but check what airport etc they send your from as it may not be your local one.

I guess it all comes down to whether you can say no and don't mind wasting your Saturday afternoon.

Think you have to pay the taxes as well.

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The catch is as follows

1.Free (Ah hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa they fall for it everytimeaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa aaahhhh , Ohhh no, please tissue)

2. Holiday ( Ahhhhh haaaasssssheeeeeeee sssssssstoppppp no moree ahhhaa....as above.....in a recession..ahhhhhh no )

Other than that it's classic timeshare "You bring 'em, we'll sell'em" 2 hour "presentation" schtick .



( Don't be duped like my in-laws were )

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