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Canary Wharf, oh what a delight


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Sadly my company appears to be relocating next year from the City to Canary Wharf. So this stuffs my commute up totally. Does anyone else do this journey from ED to the Wharf, whats the best way of doing it?

Most of the year I cycle and I will continue to do so to the Wharf, however in the darker colder months I rely on public transport

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I used to do this route, before my commute got stuffed by a move to Camden. Though it was some time ago.

By cycle, the quieter route is up the back, over Brenchley Gardens, Brockley Way, Eddystone Road, Brockley Rd, Wickham Rd, Friendly St, Brookmill Rd, Deptford Church St, Creek Rd, Cutty Sark - then walk through the foot tunnel (there are lifts, some of the time), and up Westferry Rd. Although a bit hilly (Friendly Street isn't), and not the most traffic-free of routes, it's as quick as any.

The interesting alternative to the tunnel is up to Tower Bridge and along the Highway (or Cable Street), remembering to turn down Narrow Street before the Limehouse Link.

When lazy, I'd get the bus to Lewisham and hop on the DLR. It was nearly always quicker than Forest Hill / London Bridge (possibly because the Jubilee line was intermittent at the time). The DLR was (and may still be) also good for those Wednesday/Thursday/Friday nights, as Lewisham's cabs are (or were) plentiful, not shy of the South, and reasonably close to ED.

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Its such a pain. Im going to have to go from spending ?2 return occasionally on the 40 Bus, to coughing up for a travelcard for an even longer journey! Dam recession and cost cutting!! Thank you for all your suggestions, I think when the time comes I will experiment and find my favoured route of those suggested.
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I work one stop from the Canary Wharf complex. It takes 25 minutes ish to cycle (22 mins is my record but that was an exception during August school hols) and isn't too taxing (Burbages route is pretty much the one I use).

The best public transport route (not mentioned so far) is the train from Peckham Rye to Lewisham (8 mins) and then DLR to Canary Wharf (14 mins). Only problem is that the first one is 8.35am and that will get you in at 9.03am into Canary Wharf DLR. On the way home however, there's a 5.54pm from Lewisham (plus a 6.41pm and a 7.06pm). Door to door from Lordship Lane is around 30 mins getting home (and 40 mins getting in because there's not a connecting train from ED to Peckham Rye that works with the 8.35am).

When we moved to Docklands, I thought it would be a mare but it is easier than you think.

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