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Massive Huge Fire at Peckham

Easties EL

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I got caught up in this this morning cycling to work along Boathouse Walk about 0545. A lot of smoke about but didn't realise it was as big as this. Bumped into a guy from work who'd been evacuated with his wife and kids and had to pass on a message that he wouldn't be coming in.
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Peckhamgatecrasher Wrote:


> Apparently Salvation Army in Nunhead and Elephant

> & Castle are taking donations of clothing, etc for

> poor peeps who have lost everything.

I don?t suppose anyone knows if they definitely are and if so where they are receiving donations and at what times (being office bound all day can make it a bit difficult)

I?ve called a few times now today but can?t get through to either E&C or nunhead sally army.

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I have just spoken to a lady at the Salvation Army who told me that at present, there were no requests for clothing donations. She was very friendly and took my number if the situation changes.

She said there are 15 families that have been directly affected and they are being helped and may be let back in there homes soon.

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The latest from Southwark

Fire in Peckham - Update at 2pm, Thursday November 26

The fire brigade were called at 0426 this morning to a major fire in Peckham. Over 125 fire fighters attended the scene which started in a building site on a private residential housing development in Sumner Rd. Because of the weather conditions it appears that the fire then spread to two adjacent residential blocks, 1-46 Carisbrooke Gardens (managed by a tenants? management organisation) on the Willowbrook Estate and nearby 1-10 Oak Court, a mixed development of council and housing association homes.

A large number of people were evacuated and there are ten reported casualties, with most suffering the effects of smoke inhalation, although none are said to be seriously hurt and there no reported fatalities. The fire is currently being damped down.

The two blocks have been substantially damaged by fire and the council is making arrangements for emergency accommodation for those who are unable to return to their homes this evening. The remaining part of Oak Court is being inspected to see if other residents can return. It is hoped that residents who have had to leave other nearby properties will be allowed to return at 1pm. The Health and Safety Executive, Police, London Fire Brigade and the council's building control are all on site carrying out their inspections.

In relation to the site where the fire started, planning permission approved on appeal in 2005 following refusal by the Council on the basis of loss of community facilities. The development is for 39 housing units. The developers chose to use approved inspectors for dealing with the building regulations.

Rest centre

A rest centre was initially established by the council at the Elephant and Castle leisure centre, although local community groups have also opened their doors to assist with those who have had to leave their homes. There are currently around 260 residents in the different locations. All of these different locations are being closed at 2pm today as a new, and the only, rest centre is being opened at 1.30pm at the Damilola Taylor Centre at 1 East Surrey Grove, London, SE15 6DR, which is closer to people's homes. Residents currently at all other venues are being transferred to the Damilola Taylor Centre by Transport for London. The Red Cross and representatives from the health PCT will also be hand at the Damilola Taylor Centre to offer their support. The council's wardens are also compiling a list of displaced residents.


We have already received generous calls from the public offering their support and donation boxes are being made available in all one stop shops and the Peckham and Walworth cash offices. Those wishing to donate other items, such as clothes and toys, can take them to the Damilola Taylor centre.


There is a dedicated help phone line for affected residents to call for assistance - 0207 939 3670.

Chief Executive, Annie Shepperd, said: "Southwark Council officers are working with the fire, police and ambulance services at the scene of the major fire in Peckham. A rest centre has been established to take those who have had to leave their homes to ensure their needs are met. We will be making an assessment of the damage to the blocks as soon as we can gain access to buildings. We will be advising residents about the damage to their homes and we are monitoring the situation very closely. Our priority is to support those people who have had to leave their homes this morning as many are understandably shocked and distressed. We are grateful to the emergency services for their swift response and the brave fire fighters who tackled this serious fire. We understand that because the fire started on a building site, that this incident will also be investigated by the Health and Safety Executive."

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