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Child abuse - Ireland's Catholic shame

Mick Mac

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eliza Wrote:


> 'Dulwich Mum' should be reported to 'Admin' if

> anyone should. What crass, revolting snobbery.

> Scarcely anyone can afford a house in Alleyn Park

> yet she thinks the presence of a state school - a

> highly regarded one at that - sends house prices

> tumbling.

And this has what do do with Child abuse in Ireland, exactly?

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I was sorry to see that the cathedral in my home town was burnt to a shell in the early hours of yesterday. It was probably the only building on note in the town and goes back to 1840.

The Guards are investigating the cause. It will be intersting to find out if it was arson.

Edited to add the strange case of the bishop saying the last mass there referred in his sermon to a convent which was burned down in 1642! Was it a case of the bishop in the cathedral with the matches? (played Cluedo last night)

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I received this text message:

The Pope gets attacked.

The Catholic Church is in shame over decades of child abuse.

Rangers are top of the league and Gerry Adams declared incest in his family.

Carlsberg don't usually do Christmas for Prods..........but they've managed it this year.

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