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Tiger Woods

Mick Mac

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*Bob* Wrote:


> Do you think she had to go and find a golf club to

> free him from his car?


> Or, er, do you think she, like, sort-of already

> had it in her hands as he, you know, ran out of

> the house and tried to escape at high speed?


> (giggle)


She staged the "crash" apparently after whacking him senseless with a "Wood"

She was seen dragging his body to the "crash site" by concerned neighbors

It's true....

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Even men are now calling up to say that they have had sex with Tiger Woods. This is one example - just listen to this commentator towards the end of this clip, he's having some of tiger for sure.

(For non golfers 1min20secs is the relevant part - "Here it comes...oh my goodness.....oh whaaoooo")


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He is pompous and arrogant and if he makes a mistake using the driver he always curses the photographers as if they have put him off his swing.

I think he married a viking not a Swede, she seems more than ready to fight her corner, and when the divorce comes she will no doubt be looking for large quantities of 'Danegeld'.

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Sandperson Wrote:


I can't

> work out what is going on with him at the moment

It's not that difficult.

He's just one of those blokes who'd stick his knob in pot of Flora if he thought his wife wouldn't notice.

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huncamunca Wrote:


> I seem to have stumbled upon an online UK version

> of the National Enquirer


> Coming up next, Britney Spears drives to shops

> without make up exclusive

But was she wearing any knickers? That's the question everyone's really asking.


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