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Stimluation for a 3 month old


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I know there's not a massive amount of games and activities you can play with a 3 month old, but I was wondering if anyone had any hints or tips?

My little one hangs out under his baby-gym, and I try and change the toys occasionally so he doesn't get too bored. He spends some time on his tummy, and he also sits in his bouncer quite a lot watching what I'm doing. I try to talk about what I see/what I'm doing all the time to help develop his speech, etc. He loves it when I talk/sing to him. Also, I sing nursery rhymes and songs with actions.

Recently I've started pulling him up to sitting position and rolling him over so he feels what it's like. I guess I'm just worried I'm not really doing enough - I want him to be happy/healthy/develop the best that he can. Does anyone have any other activities they do with their young ones? And how many hours a day do you play with them? I hate leaving him on his own to play, but I also understand that it's important for him to be able to entertain himself.

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I've got a 3 month old too, and I would love to be able to sit and play with him more but don't have the time as I've also got 2 other children. He spends a lot of his time on his playmat or in his little chair and dare I say it he likes the tv, as my 2 year old is fixated on the polar express and Toy Story!! As he is my 3rd I feel a bit more relaxed about the amount of time I actually play with him, he gets stimulation from watching me and the other kids. During the evening when the older 2 are in bed i give him lots of cuddles. I do remember with my first i felt I should be keeping him happy all the time and while he's awake give him my 100% attention.

Sounds like you are doing loads to keep him happy so I wouldn't worry too much. I feel guilty now for not doing as much with my little un!

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Honestly I really wouldn't worry at all. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your little one. I don't think babies of that age get bored.

At that age mine seemed to like hearing music playing and would start to recognise songs which was sweet to see.

Mats with patterns on and books with big graphics (black and white) also seemed popular

I do think that a lot of stimulation comes from watching and listening to you as opposed to what we would consider "play"

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new mother Wrote:


> Try baby sensory classes? www.babysensory.co.uk

I second Baby Sensory! Little Saff and I have been going together since 3.5 mo old. Seeing the other babies is very stimulating, and it's nice talking to the other mums too. We started Water Babies about the same time. DD loves that as well. Classes at the Lewisham Hospital pool are especially nice b/c the pool is heated.

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