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What is with ALL the moaning and complaining on the EDF???


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After spending a really tedious day at work I may have (mistakenly) decided to read some threads other to my normal ones...

On god's great earth, how depressing are a lot of these threads.

People moaning and whinging about really petty things - just reading them has made me want to reach for the gin.

Why is everyone so moany? I thought ED was a happy place? (Or is this only when fuelled by promises of ED Drinks and Curry nights).

Surely everyone should be thankful that they have plenty of friends, plenty of food and drink, and a lovely area to live in.

Now please... be thankful and stop moaning! :))

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Good news is not news. Also, when people post very positive experiences of local shops etc., lots of other people get suspicious and sarcastic.

I do think there's a lot of complaining going on though. Don't know why.

On a positive note, I had dinner at Indian Mischief the other night, and it was great. Service friendly if not the speediest, but I don't mind that, and the food was excellent and the bill reasonable. (I don't work there).

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HonaloochieB Wrote:


> I'm with VBC, I think for 2011 we should all find

> our inner Oddball - heed his wise words.


> "Why don't you knock it off with them negative

> waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out

> here? Why don't you say something righteous and

> hopeful for a change?"

I'm with VBC and HB...it's up to us to seize each day! Viva chaque jour et Le EDF!


Now, is it too early to have a pina colada?

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???? Wrote:


> This gets even more ironic given BeryyCherry's

> post on the NYE thread!

and again on the ed good deed thread, moaning aboout the moaning - love it.

I do agree a bit though, the forum is in a bit of a doom and gloom dip at the moment but i'm sure we'll come out the other end soon.

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