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Assistance for anyone in quarantine?

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There is the Goose Green Ward that covers East Dulwich.


Thanks for joining the Goose Green Ward Coronavirus Mutual Aid group! The plan is to get organised to help each other and people in our community to get through this outbreak. There's no formal leaders as such, so please feel free to propose things, co-ordinate things and take initiative if you have the time and energy, whilst checking in with others to make sure our ideas and actions are the best they can be.

Already happening:

- There's a shared google drive, to collate ideas, plans, different working group/task areas:

[ ___________________________________________________ ] (At some point we may want to organise using some other online tools which might work better.)

- We will share info in this Whatsapp group about any Borough-wide Zoom calls (internet video chats). Details will also be posted on the Southward Mutual Aid FB page: https://m.facebook.com/#!/groups/833177740485170?ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic

Roles to be filled:

- Managing the google drive: adding ideas and links people post here, thinking about how we manage access once the group really grows, thinking about how we can collectively track the status of tasks and who is doing what.

- Maybe 3-5 people could take on setting up an email address, finding a dedicated phone, sourcing free or cheap printing, making a list of community centres and streets to flyer, etc.

- Adding your ideas, concerns and anything else to the google drive, or sharing them in the Whatsapp group.

We're looking for:

-- Ideas on how to help people.

-- Ideas on how to ask people and engage people on what they need.

-- Ideas for different strands of work / working groups we should have.

-- Any resources made by others that could be useful to us.

-- Anything else you think could be important.

If you see new people join the group. Please copy and paste this message into the group again so they know what?s what!

Solidarity! Link to East Dulwich Group ‎Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LApspsBjIAn5LOJifuRLWO

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Contacting the NHS @home team could also be useful for the same reason as the PALS post. They look after patients who have been discharged from hospital but still need medical care at home. They cover patients who have been in patients at Guy's , St Thomas' and Kings.

Their email is [email protected].

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Brilliant idea, thanks for getting things going.

Whilst both my partner and I are over 70 and hence make get caught up in the new move to longer term self isolation we can still help out with any stuff that we can do to help others either on line or by phone.

Whilst not being religious ourselves we do know through friends that lots of religious organisations are already gearing up to help. Does anyone have local contacts?

Foodbanks are an essential lifeline for low income households but with dropping footfall to supermarkets their donations are falling. Does anyone know what help we could provide to our local foodbanks and how to get in touch?

Schools are also an essential source of meals for children in low income households. Does anyone know what plans, if any, are in place to keep meals provision going should we get to the stage of school closures?

Apologies, more questions than answers but I realise there are lots of people on the forum who already have the knowledge and contacts we all will need so would love us all to be able to tap into them.


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byngo Wrote:


> We live on Friern Road, happy to help too if we

> can. Thanks so much. Really so lovely to know in

> times of difficulty we can rely on our neighbours.

Same (Friern resident). Are the groups being organised street by street or are there one or two central ED groups out of interest?

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I have organised a What's App group for Dunstans Road (still leafleting everyone) but please contact me if you wish to be a part of it. We've got about 30 people so far

On the Facebook page, there is a map which shows that Barry Road also has a What's App group and I am sure the list of active groups will grow.

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