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Fundraiser for local Peckham resident, after Kyla, a mum of 3 died.

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Sharing this tragically sad story about Kyla who has left behind three children, whilst her husband struggles to stay financially secure.

Even if it?s a few pennies or pounds, it would be wonderful to support Fabian at this time. Fabian is a Southwark bin man and has been for many years, so please click the just giving link below and support if you can.

Thanks 😊



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The just giving page says the money is for funeral expenses. If that is true and the family is as described then I consider this money wasted even if it reflects the wishes at this fleeting moment of the family. A trust fund for the children that pays out monthly would provide say ?1,000 per month for 2 years. Imagine that as help in a time of grief and need.
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yeknomyeknom Wrote:


> Ok. I know how this forum goes. However, someone

> has died. There are children involved. If you

> don?t approve, don?t give. Please can we at least

> keep this thread kind?

well said.

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