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Any polish families in East Dulwich?


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Not ED but there is a Polish Deli in Lewisham (Lewis Grove), one in Bromley as you enter from Shortlands direction and an East European store a few doors away, one in Waldram Park in Forest Hill and I think I saw one in Catford on the one way system.
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Oh thought that this was a political discussion. There are loads of first to fourth generation poles around here so thought it a bizarre question. Give Forest Hill Road Supermarket a ring, or Khans in Peckham. Turkish run but stock Polish stuff. Turkish bakery in Catford Bridge too. I'd ask my Polish neighbours but they are a bit obtuse, not sure if it is an Eastern European sense of humour.
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polish church?s sell them

Nearest Is Balham

Only just seen this post the traditional time to share the oplatek is Christmas Eve as the first star appears in the sky

But so Tim we put an English twist on it and shared on Christmas Day

The church will be open for midnight mass so get them then ?

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