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Ballad of Peckham Rye: Poetry and pints

The Dulwich Raider

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The Dulwich Raider Wrote:


> Meant to say, I was unable to find a picture of

> the Kings on the Rye anywhere.


> If anyone knows of one I'd love to see it.

I'll email you a 1907 photo.

There is some interesting history in your piece.

John K

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titch juicy Wrote:


> Great read once again. Have the rest of the

> Peckham Rye pubs/bars (along Rye Lane, around

> Peckham Rye Station etc) been covered in a

> previous piece?

Not entirely, but I did do a walk along the route of the Coal Line that inevitably involved a couple...


And then there was the local arts tour...



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As a wayward teen I'd often be sat at the bus stop opposite King's on the Rye in the early hours of the morning, and the grass area behind the bus stop would always be covered in BMWs. I never got to see the inside of the club, but did have some interesting conversations at the bus stop. One guy asked to see my rings, and decided I could keep them as they were only silver. He then gave me a massive spliff to take home.
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"To Muriel and I, the pub that stands at the northernmost point of the Rye is better known as the Morning Star, which it was called until the turn of the century. No-one seems to know for sure, but one struggles to escape the conclusion that its name was changed to The Nags Head in order to cash in on the success of The TV Show That Must Not be Mentioned."

My old man (and to some extent me) used to have a good mate, a Peckham native called Brian, who unfortunately is no longer of this world having pickled himself on Smirnoff blue/black for years. Anyway, he was a regular of the Morning Star, and it was proper old skool, one of those pubs with old piss pots on shelves as decoration.

As far as I know it became The Nag's Head simply because the bloke that took it over was obsessed with OF&H. At one point it even contained a yellow Reliant Robin.

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