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COD 6 in sainsbury's (Computer Game)


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yeah SeanMac.... how could anyone not register it???

it's apparently gonnna be bigger than Harry Potter and the Dark Knight... sign of changing times for media.

It's not surprising since most movies these days are remakes or just dog turd... bring on the team death matches, maybe we can have an ED one when people have copies...

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Just Xbox and PS3. And are sold out at the moment - just been in! Have a day off and live next to Sainsbury's so I might be lucky today. Not gonna camp there or anything though. Manager said yesterday that queue of 300 odd people there the night before last!
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Having nearly completed the campaign I have to say the plot is utterly ludicrous in the few occasions when I could even fathom it out, the film references are done with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, one scenario having been implemented from the same film pretty much identically about five years ago in a rainbow six game.

That said, who the he'll cares, it's all been so well crafted (ok apart from the one unforgiveable super focefield plastic orange tape in the snow, I had no idea that stuff was so strong, but then if you want free roaming buy operaion flashpoint or ARMA 2 if you're a PC type) and it fizzes along so slickly that it screams attention to detail (I even stopes to browse someone's book collection on the shelves of someone's burning house, oh a Jules Vernes fan, cool).

And multiplayer is instantly familiar to those who played the last 2 CODs, but just that bit tighter.

*That* scene is a tad disturbing though 'tis true.

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