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What does East Dulwich lack?


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Regarding a vegetarian restaurant - I used to always think that as well. I'd love that but I'd settle for any of the existing establishments (esp the gastropubs/Franklins/Palmerstons) giving less hackneyed veggie options. I am seriously bored with a) veggie risotto, b) anything with goats cheese and c) penne anything.
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Doubt it would lst if I'm honest, but I'd love a guitar shop, selling strings, picks, leads, and stuff, as well as guitars obviously. Oh, and a good collection of song books.

Oh, and a bar on Lordship Lane, that isn't fecking horrific at the weekends!!!!

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There's an adventure playground next to Sainsburys on Dog Kennel Hill - annoyingly not open on Sundays, or at random times in the winter.

Turkish bread can be bought from the Turkish supermarket on Forest Hill Road, near the Forest Hill Tavern - also a big variety of baklava.

There's a music/instrument shop near Northcross Road - carry on up to Crystal Palace Road (I'm very bad on road names - is it Underhill by then?) and it's on the right. I've never used it but it is likely to have picks etc. and sheet music.

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Mellors Wrote:


> Definitely a lovely, trendy craft shop that sells

> wool, fabric, embroidery threads and the like, and

> that runs classes and workshops so we can all

> learn how to sew (or make) our own. With cake.


i totally second mellors suggestion, we need a tready shop to help me with my arts and craft hobby. The shop near tesco metro is helpful for making cards but we do need something with fabrics, beads and laces which doesnt cost loads. i popped into the fabric shop by the trainstation and they were charging ?100 per sq meter!!!

maybe we should setup our own craft workshops, ive got a room on lordship lane

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