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What does East Dulwich lack?


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Sean - I was joining in kind-of. A nice Greggs would be nice though. Soup and sausage roll = ?1.49. Where's that kind of value in the super-classy ED these days I ask myself ... And whatever happened to that Job Centre that used to be on LL?

Re the B&B - can't quite fathom why there are so many hotels and B&Bs up in Crystal Palace and none down here. Why did Shepherd's on Marmora Road close down? I guess it was before its time or too far away from LL or something.

Don't get the desire for a record shop, despite so many pleas for one. I suppose I just buy my "Now 234" in Sainsbury's once a year and iTune any random songs I fancy. It's that male vinyl-collecting thing I guess.

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something eclectic that serves coffee, fresh juices & beer, has magazines, wifi, good music cd's...and some light snacks. maybe mixed in with some vintage bric-a-brac/furniture stuff. not a mummy/child place. (even though I am a mum).

or - on the simple side - a good mexican, korean or cuban restaurant.

an office/art supplies place will also be needed shortly. maybe that also does not have to be so dull and can be a weird hybrid of interesting stuff...

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Agree with what other have said.

A decent B&B.

An independant Cinema.

A decent Vietnamese Restaurant ( much supported on an old thread).

A clothes shop that sold the basics; White/grey socks vests etc for school children. Reasonable quality tights for women working or otherwise. Same for men in socks , white shirts , underpants etc. A bit Primark but very convenient.

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GregI Wrote:



> p.s. is there a cobbler on Lordship Lane (no smart

> comments suggesting the east dulwich deli allowed)

Merryfields is a shoe maker/mender near ED train station - very good in my experience. (They even do handmade shoes if you have far too much money or if machine made shoes are not good enough for you.)

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computedshorty Wrote:


> How about a Junk Exchange, you take your unwanted

> things and exchange them for something of the same

> value that you would have to pay a lot more if

> new.

> It works on the same principle as a Car Boot Sale.

> with no money exchanged.



I believe Southwark Council already run these, maybe they would do one in ED on request?

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Without doubt a decent gym. When I moved in I was astounded that a place this size did not have a proper gym. The physio gym is seriously overpriced and poorly equiped, Fusion is okay but a bit grotty.

I also vote for a Vietnamese restaurant or perhaps Sri Lankan.

I also agree an cinema for example like the Electric in Hampstead would be fab especially one you could bring a glass of wine.

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A decent "Mens" clothes shop, not an ED mens bit in a bl**dy daft annoying gift shop "You look nice in that dear" silly stuff that marks you out as some prat whose wife chooses or helps with clothes,in the sale or the new born baby puke will wash of ok, just not good enough .

You know a shop that sells "The clothes you really want to buy" the ones you stalk for a few weeks, go in and touch pretending you are just "Looking" at clothes, then go home and fantasize about crotch rivets, selve edges, real indigo dye and stuff like men/boys do, can we have one of those please ?

I'd like that


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