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Lazy b@st@rd tips


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I have just discovered that I don't have any washing powder.

I can't be bothered to get dressed and go out to buy some, yet I must have clean clothes for when I go to see Jarvis tomorrow and make him fall in love with me.

Is there anything else I can use instead? I mean, for instance, just how bad would it be if I used shower gel or shampoo?

Don't judge me.

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Applespider Wrote:


> Do you know your neighbours well enough to show up

> on their doorstep in a bathrobe?


> Not convinced on the shampoo front - since not

> sure it will last through the cycle. You could

> try grating some normal soap and adding some

> bicarbonate of soda to freshen the smell more.


Whilst treading the items in a wooden barrel in the garden ?

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Oh stop fishing for compliments RosieH, every chap on here knows perfectly well that two to three day female musk

is about alluring as it gets. Live like common people for once in your life.

Anyway we all know that you've always got some soap residue in all those Daz box and wallpaper magazine racks you go around making.

Hope it all went well and that Jarv decided that a RosieH by any other name would smell as feet. In the nicest possible way.

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