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Marmora Man - come back - we miss you


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I was talking to a local born and bred Dulwichite over the summer who explained that he didn't bother with the EDF or it's debates as his one cursory read revealed that "They're all mostly self important idiots apart from the gentleman called Marmora Man who is the only participant I could credit with any real intellect".

A true compliment indeed and on that occasion I chose not to disagree!

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While I don't actually think anybody for a minute mistakes anything they do here as significant beyond the immediate circle of people who participate, I couldn't for a second blame anyone who thinks we sound like we do; we are a pompous bunch of tosspots I must say.

Marmora man a thoroughly decent chap though. I think he felt the levels of debate had been descending for quite some time and either the drawing room was too little too late or was just the same pompous nonsense wrapped up in a thin veneer of intellectuality.

But do come back!

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PeckhamRose Wrote:


> Maybe he got a job, too!

That is more than likely the case. He was looking for a new job as I recall. So he's probably got more important things to do than post on here with the rest of us slackers.

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Reports of my demise have been exaggerated (apols Mark Twain).

I am bewildered, but secretly chuffed, by the compliments from readers.

However ????? has it right - overall I felt the level and quality of debate had deteriorated. A swift glance at current contributions does little to change my mind.

I may glance at EDF occasionally in the future but I've weaned myself from it's dangerously addictive allure and have learnt to "just say no".

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