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messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by prefabgirl 11 April, 2016 09:47

Hi Old Gold, Great to hear from you! I moved away just after we took the 11+ exam and lost touch with everyone so I was so pleased to find this site. Valerie Fuller was my best friend but I remember Julie and Elaine and there was a Jacqueline. (You must have a better memory than me). And of the boys: Maxwell Gross, Patrick Helicar question mark, John Wells and Charles Smith who was, apparently, a second cousin of mine. I lived abroad for 5 years when I was 19 and my M & D moved back to East Dulwich in the meantime so I did come back then and Charles Smith's dad was my driving instructor. A lot of my family lived round there but they've all gone or died now. The world's such a different place now, isn't it? I can't believe I'm an OAP either! We did get a decent education there although I never realised it at the time. Huge class numbers - I think it reached 52 at one point- and yet I was told that almost everyone passed the 11+.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by jules66 01 June, 2016 23:58

Mrs Mukaji, the woman I credit with my ability to write in italics. She would get us to copy the cards over and over again and I have a lot to be thankful for. People often comment favourably on my on cursive handwriting. Mr Wood was headteacher and I remember his science lessons with David Attenborough videos being shown. We learned so much about the animal kingdom, dinosaurs and nature. My favourite teacher Mrs Howell, lovey bubbly lady. Then there was the tuck shop lady Mrs Percival I think her name was with a son called Jimmi. She used to sell Cadbury chocolate fingers and we would cue up in the corridors during our breaks and cups of orange juice were also sold. I remember doing the maypole dance and line dancing in the playground, an all school affair in Darrell. Going to dinner at Heber and the chants of 'boo to Darrell' from the Heber children. I am smiling as I type...so many many fond memories.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by jules66 02 June, 2016 00:20

I remember ....Mrs Baker - sewing classes, we would make calico bags with and learn a range of embroidery stiches using wool and embroidery threads.
Mr Stevens - head teacher and director for nativity plays, very encouraging man, much preferred him than Mr Wood
I also remember...
Mr Regan - in love with his reflection, could never really imagine him with Miss Baker, she seemed so prim
Jennings Building - Pottery classes, Jennings, that playground that you had to run across during play time, as the boys played football so ferociously.
I remember when we transferred from Darrell to Heber school we had to have school dinners of site, forget the name of the road we used to walk to, with the dinner lady monitors.
I remember a girl called Suzy who lived next door the Heber, and she was an actress and would have many days of school.
Dolly the Lollypop lady on Barry Road, always wished she would call me by my name like she did of other children.
We lived in Hillcourt Road, and how I longed for the days when would eventually go to Frien school and wear that red, white and blue uniform. Never fulfilled the aspiration.... we moved to Lewisham in 1977 and I ended up wearing a blue and white uniform instead.(Greenwich Park Girls).

messageRe: Heber primary school memoriesattachment
Posted by peteB 01 September, 2016 00:49

Blimey Lynda, I remember the Laundry Shop in Crystal Palace Rd. It was around the corner from my house in Thompson Rd. I used to hang out with Richard Bull and is a friend of mine on Facebook. I also know John too and their Dad (Len) used to play Bowls with my dad (Harold Kneebone)
I have put a pic of the Toll Gate Laundry & Cleaners on here for you to see. Hope you like it.

Attachments: Laundry shop around the corner from Thompson Rd....jpg (83.3KB)  
messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by peteB 01 September, 2016 00:59

Hi JayDee (Brother of Anne Dyson)

I really hope she is fit and well.
She was my Teacher at Heber Road as she was my Brother's too.
She was also my "Friends Re-United" friend until it closed down not too long ago. I hadn't spoken to her for a few years and glad to see she is still well. Please, please remember me to her and if she is on Facebook or anything else please let me know and I'll add her as a friend. My name is Peter Kneebone. She was a lovely lady and always helpful.

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messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by peteB 01 September, 2016 01:00

Where do I know Pamela Coates from? Were you friends with my sister Denise Kneebone?

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by peteB 01 September, 2016 01:06

Hello RacyJan

Did you have a younger brother? I seem to remember being at school with a blonde haired boy called Prankard but his first name seems to slip my mind. I was there from around 1967 in Juniors and was also in infants too. My name is Peter Kneebone.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by peteB 01 September, 2016 01:29

Hi Jules66

I remember Mr Stevens, he was (If I am correct) the replacement for Mr Heaster. He was a tall very gentle type of man.
I also remember Mrs Baker and Ms Dyson. Also lovely teachers. My form Teacher was Mrs Dawson who could be a bit nasty, she tapped me on the head once with her keys... Didn't half hurt! Lol
I also remember Mrs Promhouse (School secretary) who also lived in Hillcourt Rd (You must have known her) and had a beautiful St Bernard Dog. She was also a lovely lady.
You mentioned having to walk to have school dinners off site, You are correct, we had to walk from Jennings Rd to Goodrich Rd Baptist Church where we had our dinners. My Mum was one of the cooks there. And one of the dinner ladies was Mrs Spiller... How do I remember all of this lol... it's just all coming back to me seeing this forum.
Great memories... Wished we could have a big school re-union someday for the guys and Gals who attended Heber Rd in the 60's...

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by jaydee1847 02 September, 2016 20:02

Miss Dyson is now Mrs Anne Ncheke and lives in Lesotho (South Africa). She has had one or two health issues but is alive and well. She came over to England last year for a few weeks.
She does not now use Facebook as far as I know but I have already forwarded to her details of this site.
John Dyson

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by returnofthenative 03 September, 2016 12:13

Nice to see what became of the staff at Heber - I was there from 1964 - 1970 with the two heads: Messrs Heester then Stevens. The Head of Infants was Mrs Dawson (not the Primary teacher) who was delightful. My class teacher was Miss Wakinshaw who later became Mrs Alcorn and latterly Headmistress at Keyworth Primary School in Kennington.
Moving up to the Junior school I went into Miss Bromley's class and she was a lovely, old-school M'aam. In 1968 JJ Heester retired and was succeeded by Mr William Stevens who is also a lovely man. At the time, I moved into the top end of school spending two years in Mrs Baker's class.

For those of you who think that your teacher 'hated' you let me tell you this: I became a schoolteacher myself and no-one 'hates' anybody. The profession has been likened to acting and that is because standing in front of a class requires the ability to perform. Looking back, some have this ability more than others (no names..).

Having been an East Dulwich lad since I was born - although not always lived here - I have seen lots of changes. Not least since for the past twenty years I have lived directly opposite the school building. Externally things have changed: the shed in the girls' playground was demolished as was the Science/Pottery block in the boys' one. Also, the row of toilets along the wall adjacent to Jennings Road and the School Keeper's house is now some kind of reception classroom, I think. By the way, does anybody remember Mr Smith? He once gave us a conducted tour of the boiler room....

As for reunions, in 2000 a group of us from form 4B got together at a pub near Orpington and that included partners. Around twenty or so former classmates, I think. That event was arranged by Sylvia Mayes (as was), and we all had a great time sharing photos, copies of the Heber Herald, memories of teachers, etc. Sylvia said to me at the end of the evening "you know where the next one will be held, don't you?!" Well, I wouldn't have the room in my house but if anyone wants to hire the school hall opposite.....

For those interested, I can confirm that sadly Miss Bromley died in 1974 from cancer and Miss Wakinshaw/Mrs Alcorn passed away in 2002.

Alex Skinner

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by jules66 05 September, 2016 18:48

Have had a real good chuckle at Wardys postings,your recollections are absolutely hilarious.
Yes PeteB I remember Mrs Spiller the dinner monitor too...I was one of those kids who loved school dinners - steamed vegetables, pink blancmange, spam fritters, semolina, suet pudding, jam roly poly, rhubarb and custard.the menu was amazing.....beats some of the restaurant food I've experienced since. Mrs Promhouse .....still thinking about that one....I was petrified of dogs, especially those bigger than me...

I do remember the dormitory type classrooms on the top floor with glass dividers. and being able to hear the lesson next door as it was an open plan layout almost.

I never missed one day of school in the infants and juniors. All change....secondary school has arrived.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by KevC 17 September, 2018 17:41

My name is Kevin Costello and I have only just found this site.
I attended Heber Road School from 1956-1961. I remember the science building with the milk shed under the building. I also remember the knit nurse, the cod liver oil and the orange tablets.
I remember Mr Regan but not with fondness, he was a bully, who verbally abused me after a football match. My Dad never allowed me to play for the school again.
Iím useless at names and Iím struggling to remember any names other than Johnny Martin.
I sadly donít remember any of the girls names but while at school I did fall madly in LOVE with Julie Bailey who lived in Melford court and I think went to Goodrich School.
I do remember a teacher that used to inspect our finger nails (very odd) and another who had us making paper machete puppet heads.
I lived in Whatley Rd and the corner shop was, I think, called Dolly Mooreís.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by KevC 17 September, 2018 20:45

Come back everyone. Iíve enjoyed the memories so much and I would love to meet up up with some old school mates !!

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by pamelamcnamara 17 September, 2018 21:09

Hi PeteB,
I am Pamela Coates (now Pamela McNamara). I don't remember you but you were probably in a different year. I was friends with Christine Nicholson, also knew a couple of boys - Peter Morris and Paul England. I remember Anthony O'Keefe who was a bit of a bruiser!
I was born in 1951 so was at the school, from 1956 to 1962.

messageHeber Road School 1957 - 1961
Posted by Max Grosse 23 May, 2019 12:58

Hi Prefab Girl.
I was directed to this by a friend who also went to Heber Road. I was there between 1957 and 1961 after infants school at Goodrich Road.
You and Old Gold mentioned a lot of names that I recognised. I also remember Pauline Randall, Richard Wood, Christopher Muscio, Janet Allison, Neil Carlisle, Patrick Helicar, Elaine Voisin, Brian Wells ? and many more. Once your memory is jogged it's amazing what comes flooding back. I remember the school play "Alice in Wonderland". I think Janet Allison was Alice - I was the dormouse.
I was in Mrs Sanderson's class and she was a great teacher. When my Mum went to Parents evening she remembered that Mrs Sanderson taught her in the late 30's so Mrs Sanderson certainly knew her stuff.
I read in the forum that someone said we had a good education and I couldn't agree more. Big class sizes but good discipline and only happy memories. Maybe age has erased the not so good memories but I don't think so - we were just lucky.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by intexasatthe moment 09 October, 2019 22:06

JUst wondering if anyone on this thread who may still be reading knows anything about the Goodrich primary school annexe next to the Lordship Lane Estate ? It was in "Firemns alley" running alonside Dulwick Park down to Dulwich Common .

And could help this enquirer ?


messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Ridgley 17 October, 2019 11:55

Worked at Heber Primary School - lovely place.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by Goodrich40 February 24, 04:15AM

As a late comer to this forum who lived in Goodrich Road, I am just adding a few bits and pieces. I remember at Heber Road School (about 1955-1961?) being in Miss Rabbat's class early on and finishing off with Mrs Sanderson who helped us through 11 plus and bringing in one of her son's in his Dulwich College uniform. Mr Ibbotson, Regan and Hatton also all made their mark. The Science block made a huge impact (Whymshurst machine electric shocks, water boatmen etc.) as did those radio programs about dinosaurs and probably led to my jobs. The timed sports test in the playground each year and my hatred of the orange flowers around the schoolkeepers house I still remember. Chain He in the playground was good fun but the occasional run in with Mr Heester not so much. I remember faces better than names, but do remember Brian Wells, Lynda Lipman, Pauline Randall, Elaine Voisin (I think), Janet Allison, Patrick Hellicar, Valerie Fuller, Susan Dalton, John Burchell, Brian Smith and Graham Ryder. The bakers shop on the corner of Goodrich road and Crystal palace road were important as was the Castle pub, fish and chip shop and the newsagents. We used to play a lot on the bomb site which was further along Goodrich Road, over Barry Road, over Friern Road and along over to the right somewhere. I used to play there with my friend who lived around there somewhere. His Dad was an architect or a draughtsman. Probably could remember some more I hope now that I have jolted the old grey cells.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by daveowen March 05, 05:30PM

As an even-later-comer here, I left in '53 just before you, but I too remember Mr Funnel the science teacher with his Whimshurst machine and Leyden jars. The teacher who had the most impact on me was the excellent Miss Bromley as many others seem to have recalled here. Mr Noethe's bakers did good bread pudding which I enjoyed sat on the warm pavement outside above his ovens.

messageRe: Heber primary school memories
Posted by daveowen March 05, 06:06PM

Your memories very much coincide with mine,Martin-Bailey, the drabness of the area, the exciting times with Mr Funnell in the science lab, the variable teaching with Miss Bromley and Mr Gore my only positive memories.The story about the wash-out of seeing the Queen driven at speed through the Village is probably my last memory of the place. I lived at the top of Crystal Palace Road, so the chippie and Noeth's bakers were part of my world too.In the main, not a bad start in life, given the times.

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