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Christmas presents for Forumites


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Crikey! 3 presents on one thread! Oooooh...this is exciting. So! Given the manifestly considerable amount of thought which has gone into these...ahem...highly practical gifts, I am moved to reciprocate.

DJKQ: although I requested its deletion (you forget, a Lady of Repute has a reputation of sorts to maintain), the thought did not go unappreciated. Wear this when honing your football skills in the snow.

Narnia: as one of our (three) EDF Dynamites Football Team fans, please click on the attachment below.

Keef: I don't know what I'd do without my yearly supply of...erm...yes...well...umm...BUT, please accept these for wearing at gigs.

Reciprocal prezzies out of the way:

Daizie and Waynetta: in respect of your Top Tips services.

Brum: for being BOSTIN.

Legalbeagle and Lady Katharina van der Wotsit: take your pick

Karter: the Godfather of the EDF, what else...

Quids: in respect of that Carling Cup match the other week...credit where credit is due

Huguenot: in case the flight chaos means I have to skip Singapore and head straight for NZ, these.

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