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National treasures...who shouldn't be


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Stephen Fry

Yes he's witty, to a point, he's also 'erudite' etc,,,I suspect he's probably not a bad bloke.

But I just read his autobiography - he has no real depth, seriously, he admits it himself to be fair. He doesn't really think aboiut things just has a photographic memory and is a walking Theasauras, all clever words and no thought. He only got a 2.1 FFS. His acting is limited, although he plays that role well and his writing is b+ at best

I'm going to side with Julie Burchill, he's a thick person's idea of a clever person.

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Tony Benn - would have put most of us in gulags and our economy in the stone Age, described Mao Se Tung "as the greatest person of the 20th Century" and was probably the individual most responsible for the rise of thatcherism....yet, he's a cuddly old tea drinking democrat nowadays.
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Dickensman Wrote:


> Prince of Wales.........Buffoon.

And his brothers too. In fact, you can pretty much add all the royals to the list.

Rowan Atkinson can go in along with Tony Robinson.

Also Kate Moss, Liz Hurley, Naomi Campbell, etc.

Spice Girls.

Cheryl Tweedy.

Simon Cowell.

Gordon Ramsay.

Hugh Grant.

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david_carnell Wrote:


> Comic genius - and that's before Mr Bean.

Mr Bean cancels out Blackadder.

Johnny English cancels out Not the Nine O'Clock News.

I fear the net result is firmly in the red.

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RosieH Wrote:




> See this man, he's ace. And you lot, well you're

> all miserable bastards.

And why have you decided to be all happy for a change.....its not like you at all rosie.

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