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Iceland closing 27th June.

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PohSuan Wrote:


> There's always the new huge Iceland warehouse on

> the Old Kent Road where the Mothercare was.They

> sell frozen snails and crocodile alongside

> classics like Findus crispy pancakes...

Which is why I refused to use Iceland again ( not that I ever went there very often) as soon as the leaflet came through my door advertising their new range of exotic animals.

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Just saw that Iceland do an "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" selection pack of exotic meat burgers. Aside from the fact that they are specifically aiming these products at a demographic hooked on junk television and ignorant about food.. surely very lean meats such as ostrich, crocodile, etc are totally unsuitable for burgers?

Anyway... I appreciate that the food is cheap and therefore people are going to miss it, but from a purely selfish perspective, I think it's pretty grim and never use it. If I want cheap food I'll head to Lidl on Bellenden Rd.

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Yes Jeremy, I am opposed to all meat but a new range just means more animals are being killed just to make money & satisfy an unecessary desire to try something different.

Kangaroo, ostrich, crocodiles, buffalo to name a few that Iceland think is OK.

What next?

The leaflet turned my stomach, went straight in the bin and so did Iceland. Never again.

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I'm a meat eater (not a Big meat eater ) and think it is unnecessary to include exotic animals in any range.

Kangaroo, Ostrich can already be bought in many supermarkets as can snails.

Though I have no desire to try them.

Crocodile ? Snake ? No thank you.

I was Vegetarian at one time (2-3years 1978ish ) and many of my circle of friends at the time were Vegan.

With a little bit of effort I probably could revert back and have thought about it.

It does take a lot of commitment to take that step and I do admire those that stick with it.


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aquarius moon Wrote:


> If there's no limit to what can be killed for

> meat, more will be killed. And I'm hardly going to

> approve of that am I?

You're making the (IMO incorrect) assumption that more species being farmed equates to more meat being eaten overall. People don't consume more meat because more varieties are available.

Cats and dogs? Why is the life of a dog worth more than the life of a lamb? It's just cultural norms..

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