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Fast Food in East Dulwich


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I'm fed up of paying expensive prices when I need a snack in East Dulwich. And I was thinking the other day, how is it that Lordship Lane is completely free of any decent, big brand fast food restaurants? I have to go all the way to Camberwell for my nearest Happy Meal! I think that Lordship Lane could be greatly improved by a Subway or Burger King, decent nosh is too hard to come by at the moment!!!

Anyone agree with me?

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You can always be sure there's a Texas/Dallas/Peckham Chicken outlet close by...though has anyone noticed they're never called the same name? Chicken Cottage is by far the favourite, as we all know chickens have shunned coops for cottages these days, though I've never seen one called Chicken Chasm/Cavern?! Potential growth there.
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Sporthuntor Wrote:


> Mmm 10 pints of Guinness topped off with a "thick

> ice cream milkshake and waffle". Only one way that

> is going to end up...blurgh!

mmmnn loverly description!

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