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Are there any night clubs in ED


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Hi All

I am looking for a place to take my husband out for his birth day,though I said a night club on the topic actually what I am looking for is a place with music and a dance floor but may be not too much happening because we have a baby and we have to come back home the same night ;)

Any tips guys




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I can't believe no one has mentioned Kebab and Wine, open till 5am(!)

Liquorish / Adventure are open till around 2am over the weekend (the former was starting to veer towards club territory a few years ago, but they seem to favour a more serene trade of late). A few people have mentioned Funky Monkey in Camberwell, but I've not been for years.

Clapham is always a good night out. Infernos is basically a student union club for graduates. It's a cheese factory, if that's your thing. SO.UK is nice - small venue, but good crowd in there. Whitehouse is great if you're into house music. Ingido is a great late night condensation-on-the-wall type haunt, if you're really desperate for somewhere to go late (till ~4/5am).

In Brixton you have Plan B. I used to go a lot until someone was allegedly shot in there on my birthday party! The blood in the toilets at the end of the night were not particularly a pleasant sight for my guests! However, if that doesn't put you off, it can be good fun.

If you're more into west-end style clubs, then there are now realms of them. The new Chinawhite sucks though, but what did one expect!?

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In the archive? More like the top of the first page.

I'm not sure if we really need a club round here - it's a suburb after all. There are plenty of places within a couple of miles, and more clubs than you could ever possibly visit if you don't mind travelling into Soho, Shoreditch/Hoxton, or whatever.

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hi All

Thanks a lot for the tips.I should say I am enjoying being a mother all the time except when it comes to going out in the night,so the bestnameshavegone I am afraid I wont be able to have breakfast on the way home :)

Anyway thanks guys.



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I want a night club with white-clothed tables sporting onyx lighters and lampshades borne aloft by art-deco bronze nudes. A chap called Charles (pronounced the French way) guides you to a table near the front, discreetly palming your white five pound note as he does so. As you sit your squeeze down, champagne appears without bidding, and the band begins to play "They didn't believe me".

Is that too much to ask?

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White five pound note?????

I would bet the only time you have seen one is in a black and white 'B' movie, unless you are considerably older than we all thought Ted!

I shall have to re-write the Ted 'flowery prose' Max, tag that we all know and love, to something more appropriate..........

Ted 'Saga Holidays' Max

..........................................................................................................................open for other forumistas to suggest suitable Ted Max tags.

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Peckhamgatecrasher Wrote:


It matters not a whit to me if you dance with Ted, I have the last waltz with him marked down.

*tosses head*

Why, you cat. I just hope he doesn't break your heart, that's all.

I'm off to make sheep's eyes at *Bob*.

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