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Is Cameron that bad?


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enormous and unfair pressure go with the job

Good grace and honourable......won't admit mistakes, completley lost the respect of the parliamentary press for briefing them that Darling was going and then denying it a barefaced lie, won't accept blame, a dirty operator which is why he has a fair few enemies in the Labour party - I'm not sure he's really that decent

But basically, and at the heart of it I don't think he's up to the job, don't get me wromg I'm not convinced that Cameron is by any means either

I'm hoping for a hung parliament and will vote tactfully to try achieve that, which I guess in Dulwich will probably mean voting for Thingy

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The labour/tory power base is the whole problem. A government will never actively do things which benefit society unless they are under pressure to because of strong opposition. The Lib Dems are the only viable opposition. Labour and the conservatives are just 2 sides of the same coin that represent different tribal interest in the country. Tribal interests which are becoming increasingly insignificant.

On another level the Lib Dems are the only party whose ideology isn?t either distasteful to anyone without some form of antisocial personality disorder or basically non-existent. That?s not to say that if they were given the unchallenged power that Labour have had over the last era they wouldn?t also turn into slimy, rancid, scum. But for now they have something to prove and a mandate which contains a social conscience. Anyone who sees themselves as part of society rather than seeing society are something there to serve their ends, can?t possibly see the conservatives as the viable alternative.

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I must admit that I have been very impressed by Gordon and his big cardi and plaid bedroom slippers for rather a time. I did not like smarmy Blair and can't abide Cameron, but I will not vote labour again. The thought of their scheming, social engineering with the universities just turns my stomach.

It is all very well saying "of course a child going to a top performing independent school gets all a *s, but those kids have worked hard to be selected by those schools and work very hard for the grades they achieve. They should not be disadvantaged when it comes to university places. An equal playing field is an equal playing field. Taking away childcare vouchers from working families, struggling to pay the mortgage and to hold on to their jobs is insane.

This government needs to take a long break.

Where is Charles Kennedy when we need him? David Cameron is a big "I am" with a slight wheeze and a note for matron to excuse him from games. What can he offer anyone in this country? He has no credibility at all. He is "photo opportunity man" sitting on the tube, surrounded by photographers, cycling on his bike and followed by a gang of minders in a 4x4.

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dulwichmum Wrote:


> It is all very well saying "of course a child

> going to a top performing independent school gets

> all a *s, but those kids have worked hard to be

> selected by those schools and work very hard for

> the grades they achieve.

Don't you mean 'have been worked hard to get selected by those schools'?

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Can you imagine if Winston Churchill was prime minister now with regards to the current media scrutiny and how he would be torn apart by it. Not only was he not a glamorous or handsome man, but he had a speech impediment, was an alcoholic, suffered from depression and was a controversial home secretary, being very heavy handed in his dealing of the siege of Sydney Street and the Tonypandy Riots. Not to mention his wilderness years.Yet he redeemed himself by leading our country to victory in the second world war.
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