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  • 9 months later...

RosieH Wrote:


> From deep-fat fryer in Spooks, to deep-fat fryer

> on Celebrity Masterchef. Ahh, the circle of life.


Not forgetting Jamie's buried "deep-fat fryer"

I mean, it can't be a coincidence all this fat & depth


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RosieH Wrote:


> What, Lisa Faulkner was in the Jamie programme?

> (and did you watch??? no knives and forks!!!)


I cried, honestly

What kind of f-d up mentality is that? "spoons" until the age of 10 & what's with those plastic prison trays

I mean , even my cat eats better

( of course, he does have a table with a candelabra & a cath kidston oil cloth )


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SimonM Wrote:


> I shall watch it but really it has killed off too

> many characters to deserve much in othe way of

> viewer loyalty.


> They've never really re-scaled that deep-frying

> Lisa Faulkner peak have they?:))

I agree that is makes it hard to really look forward to it, but it was always good because they killed people that you didn't think would die and you never knew whether someone was going to get out of a given situation. The pay-off is lack of continuity.

I potentially like the new character (Beth) but just don't care about Harry and Ruth.

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paragon Wrote:


> I potentially like the new character (Beth) but

> just don't care about Harry and Ruth.


I watched the end bit last night & I laughed ( you know, a one hard "HA" type laugh ) when she said

"We've seen too much me & you, after all what would we talk about when the neighbors came round"

Oh & where he said something like..

"But 9 people died because of me"

"But think how many you saved" she replied

"Is that how it is , just mathematics to you ?"

"I suppose so"


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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't normally watch TV so I'm not that familiar with Spooks but I did see this week's episode. There was a bit of dialogue that said - and I'm paraphrasing hugely - "get on to the electricity board and find out where you can get an uninterrupted supply".

For the love of God, have any of these writers actually tried calling a frigging utility company this century? Which option does MI5 select after listening to the recorded message? What account number entered (followed by the hash key)? When they finally speak to an actual human voice (who may or not be in the same hemisphere), exactly what degree of knowledge are they expecting that person to have? Or maybe they just ask to speak to a supervisor straight away.

?Hello I?m MI5 calling to save human-kind as we know it?

?Well I?m very sorry but you can?t do that on your present plan but is there anything else I can help you with today??

Is it me? Is it just me? Tell me.

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Are you suggesting there are plot holes in Spooks stories giggirl? Perish, I say perish that thought right there young lady, it's flawless I tell you.

Like those sleek narco subs used to smuggle the bomb up the thames....or an actual narco sub, fine for getting some cocaine to a godforsaken Louisianan swamp, but powering up the Thames undetected like a deadly shark?


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