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Things that sound absolutely splendid in theory BUT


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???? Wrote:


> 1) Allotments

Allotments are "absolutely splendid" in practice too! I've had one for over 5 years. It saves me an absolute packet, it keeps me fit and healthy, I know what I am eating, and any excess produce makes nice presents. Oh and I've made some lovely friends into the bargain!

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charliecharlie Wrote:


> ps the soup thing is soooo easy (where's the

> BUT???)

You make a delicious cauldron of soup on Monday.. mmmmmmm..... warming and delicious

Tuesday - SOUP

Wednesday - SOUP

Thursday - SOUP

in three months time: throw about the other seven gallons of soup you froze in measured portions and carefully labelled.

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woofmarkthedog Wrote:


> Mark Wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------

> -----

> > 2) starting a thread and hoping that people

> will

> > follow on the format

> ------------------------------------------



> Ohhh slag



Ohhh slag that you are BUT

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