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Annoying yummies on NCR


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Louisa, I'm sorry (and I don't mean that sarcastically) if I may have offended you or anybody else out there. I do take it for granted sometimes how lucky I am to even have kids. I don't know anything about you or your reasons for this thread, so I'm bailing out. Will enjoy all your other comments in the morning though! Goodnight everyone.
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*Bob* Wrote:


> Grilled pork dumplings for two,

Don't take this amiss *Bob*, but posting this after my innocent bottom enquiry might be seen in dubious taste.

That's regarding the Louisa/YM arse thing, and nothing of course to do with the taste of the grilled pork dumplings supplied by no doubt hard working Chinese people.

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I don't know who is behind Louisa but whoever you are, you are the best on here by fuckhen miles. Daff murderers (and non-existent signs), posh cheese on toast, the People's Paradise of North Devon, the philosophical impossibility of fresh fish - all masterful stuff.

This yummies guff is just a warm-up, isn't it? When are you bringing the good stuff out?

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Goodness me I always appear to cause a stir and all I want from life is to achieve a better ED for everyone :-)

I complain about daffodil picking - damage to public property

I complain about lost business in a recession - snow day back in February

I complain about how bad it is that pubs sell pizza and how Pizza Hut is offocially the best selling take-away in Rome..

I provide a public debate about some hot contested issues locally and all I get is ridiculed and made to look like some sort of bad person :-(

I give up going on long distance breaks in future, clearly ED needs me here to raise the profile of issues which otherwise would not get a mention.

Back on topic, these yummies are a menace to cohesion in ED and they must be stopped from ghettoisation in the NCR district before it is too late. We need a McDonalds or similar to open up along that stretch to put a stop to this middle-class infiltration once and for all before it is too late. And to my critics thus far I say this.......YOU ARE TALKING SH*T!!!


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Muley Wrote:


> Also, have't you realised that your cut & paste

> habit, rehashing yards of text just to insert a

> snide comment afterwards, is just tedious beyond

> words?

What was that?


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I expect Louisa passed out on the floor of the internet cafe she was in last night and is now suffering the after effects of the Thunderbird.

If only she could actually afford the Chinese takeaway she craves after all the prison slop.

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Louisa Wrote:


> Is it just me, or does there seem to be a steady

> concentration of yummyfication along North Cross

> Road? During the daytime especially, I have

> noticed that certain shops and cafe's along this

> stretch seem to be the exclusive haunt of yummys

> with prams, especially during weekdays. LL seems

> to be getting away quite lightly of late, but this

> gradual concentration in this area is driving away

> folk of a different shopping class, and what makes

> it worse is the fact that shops aimed at everyone

> else seem to be disappearing in favour of

> exclusively yummy based clientele.


> I do not wish to turn this into a yummyist rant

> exclusively, so I would welcome comments which are

> helpful in explaining why this sudden

> concentration of twenty to forty something

> middle-class house wife group have suddenly

> decided to colonise this small corner of sunny ED.



> Louisa.

apologies for not reading all of this thread- but what in sweet suffering f**k is a 'Yummy'?!!?

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does drinking earl grey tea make you middle class then? blimey! So what if you drink earl grey* but also have a penchant for McDonalds? what class does that make you? I also like shoes from Russell & Bromley but I get my knickers from Primark..

* I do drink Earl Grey - Twinings only of course - but I do not stick my pinky finger out whilst holding my (china) cup

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