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Are there any single (hot) men in ED?


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rcmacf Wrote:


> LuLu Too Wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------

> -----

> > Gosh - spend the day away from ED and the forum

> > and missed all this fun!

> > rcmacf - what's with all this highland charm,

> > puritans, nutjobs and cleansing by fire

> business?

> > Are you channelling Edward Woodward??


> Oh, this is too weird...did you know?

> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8362367.s

> tm

Yes. I am a Medium.


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What on earth is going on here

I was busy over the weekend cooking for myself and doing DIY (Do It yourself alcohol poisoning) and come back to see the hunt is on again for us men

damn, better tie the fox furs on to the back of the pony and send it over underhill road to distract the scent of single men from the nostrals of the ladies... I hate this time of the year when women hunt in packs looking for a partner 'just in time for Christmas' and 'ohh look de beers is doing a special on Diamond whatevers' just to find that the post christmas / new year hangover is to be endured alone and broke... enough I say, leave the single men of ED alone and go hunt elsewhere (like Camberwell of sum'fing init)

Single men, stand up for your rights to have a miserable christmas on your own safe in the knowledge that when the credit card bill comes in January it won't remind you of Trudi, or Shelia or FiFi as it won't be filled with Beers or Ann Summers or other weird and foreign sounding places. Stand up I say, stand up at the bar in the Rye this coming Thursday night to make a point and show these man hunting (jewellery grabbing) women who we really are... (6)

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I have a pair of them there special glasses, I seem to collect a new pair of them everytime I go out drinking, but I will be damned if they aren't broken again in the morning and i wake up screaming (at their loss I hasten to add) ;-)

Can I suggest when standing firm to the ladies, make sure you leave those special glasses off

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This may be true in the real world. Not, though, in our fantasy world. Having said that, girls hunt in packs in Nottingham, the only place I've been wolf-whistled in the street by women. This was years ago but I still feel the indignation (yet secret thrill)...
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They also hunt in packs in Newcastle, however they seem to be all built like dockers with tats (shudders at not too distant memories) and thats just the good looking ones

However I have seen proof that they hunt in packs, driven around in stretch limos yellign and screaming at any poor man who they pass in the street, with the occasional 'panties' hurled out of the sun roof by the drunk one who stands up even when it is raining, with the poor driver in the front slowly going out of his head as they flash their bottoms at him and make lurid suggestions of what he can do with his horn (honk the men they jsut insulted)

It is no fantasy, for some it is real and a nightmare and I have met many a man at the self help group ABLS (Assulted By Limo S!ags)

*Shudders again*

So again I repeat my cry for single men of East Dulwich to stand firm, resist the christmas prezie grabing women and stay happy in the knowledge that the toilet seat will always be up when you want it to be ::o

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Mick Mac Wrote:


> You do a lot of looking at men Monica....

Well Just because Im shackled to another man, it wont stop me from appreciating good looks, eyes to burn and arms to protect. Window shopping is cathartic >:D<

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Spartacus Wrote:


> How on earth can someone with a nickname of

> LadyMUCK be squeemish about belly button fluff


> Sheeessssh women still never fail to amaze me ::o

lol if only you knew the real meaning.

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