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Mums to be?


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check out the EDM thread there's loads of great mums to hook up with there and they are having a littloe drinky soon!!

My missus is due in january so you are not alone! congratulations and good luck.pm me if you want to hook up with the missus I'm sure she would love a coffee and a chat!!



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hi my little one is actually 2 next week -eeekk where did the time go?

but a few of us meet up every mon and fri and sometimes wed for coffee and chat, in the summer we spend lovely afternoons in the park so the kids can go nuts running around but this time of year we tend to do each others houses.

3 of the mums have recently had their second babies and 3 of us are thinking about starting with the next ones so we are at all different stages- great source of advice and reassurance!

if either of you want to come to mine for a coffee tomorrow you are quite welcome was going to see if clarec wanted to come tomorrow too as she didnt make it yesterday and her baby is due in Jan.

if you want a coffee send me a pm we are on overhill road. leanne

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Yes I am due January, like you its my first baby as well! Definitely up for meeting up for a coffee.

I have finished work already so am free a fair bit now (other than when I am confined to the house waiting for plumbers that dont bother turning up - grrr).

PM me to let me know when your free, alternatively I may see you at Leanne's sometime :-)

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Hello there - I would be very keen to also join in on one of your Monday meets sometimes. Do you meet in the mornings or afternoons? Mornings esp good for me as my other son is at pre-school. My other son is 14 months. I promise I can come laden with chocolate!


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Hi Katy,

Am also east dulwich mum-to-be, am due in mid March and don't really know of any one else due around the same time.

Would love to meet up for coffee and a chance to chat. Am only working two days a week at the mo so let me know when you have some free time, and any one else who is avaliable!

Elly x

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Hello there K - and another baby - gawd no - heavens above!

Sorry been tied up with kids who have had colds and chest infections and by the time the little blighters were waking from their afternoon naps it was dark!

Happy to meet up on Mon am for a few hours while M is at school or you can pop around to ours for a cuppa.

Hope you are well. M

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Hi there

I am expecting my second in late December.....I have a little boy already who is 2.5 years old. We moved to the area earlier this year and because I've been working I haven't really had a chance to meet new people in the area. I would love to join you for a coffee.......

I've finished work now so have a bit more time on my hands......

Look forward to meeting you all.




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Hey ladies - i posted back in Dec (above) not sure if you do meet up and would love to join the meet ups.

My baby is 8 weeks on Tuesday and I'm relatively new to ED and it would be great to meet other new mums in the area.

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hi ladies,

I'm not pregnant so hope you don't mind posting on your thread ... but if any of you are interested in HypnoBirthing or positive birth preparation I'd be delighted to hear from you. I run group classes in Clapham, also private sessions locally and can even come to you, esp if there are a few of you.

If you're not so keen on classes you could go to www.positive-birth.com where you'll find lots of downloads (pain relief, quick recovery, stress release, visualise positive birth, easy breastfeeding etc) to make your pregnancy/birth/beyond easier and really positive. There's a free download too.

Happy to chat or even pop in if you're meeting for coffee and want questions answered.


Kristin Hayward

HypnoTherapy . HypnoFertility . HypnoBirthing

07963 046 456 or [email protected]

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