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Crime in Dulwich (Lounged)


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sophiesofa Wrote:


> I was given one of those chopping boards and it's

> too soft so won't last long. I rate it 2 out of 5

> for your spreadsheet.

It really depends on how often it's used though, doesn't it SophieS?

Frankly I bought mine mostly to 'swank it up' a bit occasionally with visitors.

I mainly use the big old royal blue square of polypro and anyway don't do that much chopping no how.

I might treat myself to another chop2pot for Xmas though and alternate them, which would make them last longer.

I might go for the pink one as a nice contrast to the black and in memory of my old pair of pink peg slacks.

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sophiesofa Wrote:


> thebestnameshave gone I forgot to point out that

> it's also a smooth surface so slips around a lot

> and I'm surprised they haven't been recalled off

> the shelves - at least a few digits must have been

> accidentally sliced off. I remember aug 02 with

> fond memories.

Ah SophieS, the good people of Morleys of Brixton are way ahead of you.

I noticed today that their Le Creuset range now includes a ridged rubber disc, specifically for the purpose of preventing a chopping board from getting away from a chopper. And for only huit quid an' all.

It doesn't actually say on the label, "An end to chopping board slippage misery", but it should.

They're definitely new since last Tuesday and I reckon arrived alongside the LC oven gloves. A snip at ?13.75.

And that's for a joined pair!!

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Peckhamgatecrasher Wrote:


> Since this was started by a troll, I'll push it.


> Darling Hona, I am disappointed that you don't

> support your local cookwank shop. Next you'll be

> telling me the chopping board is imported.

Well I did buy it in Brixton...

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I laugh with sneering contempt at these poseurs who appear to possess only the one chopping "board". In my own batterie de cuisine I naturally have a selection: one for raw meat, 1 for vegetables, 1 for spare, 1 to lend out to passing Royalty, and so on and so forth.. These are mostly of wood and not any of these new-fangled plastics.

I blame TV "chefs"

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But are they folding SimonM? I bet you end up dropping stuff all over the floor as the chopped victuals are tranported from work surface to pot.

Obviously they can be retreived from the floor, but if one has had a couple of glasses of the good stuff this can lead to staggerage and possible head injury. Also if a fellow is to keep salvaging food from the floor he'd have to attend to its hygiene more often than rthan once every four or five weeks, and it does so eat into one's time.

So I give you the chop2pot, "An indirect end to floor washing misery".

And as for wood SimonM, I'd shun it because of the rain forests and all that. Plastics the future round these parts.

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