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Toilet Habits


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Quetions to find out more about you all (for no other reason apart from amusement)


Do you shake, wipe or waggle ?

If there are three urinals, and no one there, which would you use ?

If there is someone in the middle, would you use the one either side ?

Do you prefer not to pee in public ?


Drip Dry, wipe or not bother

If you are caught short in public would you hold it or go behind a tree

Do you hover or sit on a public seat

Either Sex

Can you go for a No.2 in someone elses house

What ever you answer, it will reveal a lot about you and before anyone raises the pun, yes it is takign the pee !!

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An interesting contraption WMTD. A Stocking filler for Christmas, I'm sure!

Spartacus, raising this topic tells us more about you too. If I meet you at a Forum drinks night and I notice you follow me to the loo, I will know why. At least I think so.

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The first time that a lady told me about 'hovering' I refused to believe it. It turns out to be a near universal female practice, and confirms that the chasm between male and female thinking on almost any issue remains just that. Any guys willing to admit to 'hovering'?
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vinceayre Wrote:


> Sweet Jesus, is nothing sacred any more?


As a baker, I'm sure you appreciate the importance of cleanliness.

So which toilet roll do you think offers the best protection against your finger 'going through'?

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DirtyBox Wrote:


> I have a male friend who sits down for a slash,

> weirdo

I know a few 'sitters'.

I suspect it's a European thing.

Indeed, if we don't fight for our rights and vote UKIP, by the year 2014 all men in Britain will be forced (by way of an directive) to piss whilst sitting down.

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I tend to sit if I'm wearing pale trousers - the ol' Del Monte looks crashingly embarrassing with only the merest sprinkle-back.

Out here older gents squat on the toilet seat, which causes all manner of hairline fractures. One can be taken unawares by ageing plastic that bends slightly at your weight, only to snap back with venom when you rise - and the cracks bite tightly into your soft pink buttocks.

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