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New Years Eve


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Ah yes...the annual "what shall we do at New Year?" thread. This met with a muted response last time given so many here are fairly apathetic preferring to watch Jools Holland with a warm tin of stella than pay 30 quid to get into their local.

I take the opposite view - another year of life in this wonderful world is well worth celebrating. And paying a small amount to cover double time bar staff , extra entertainment and a free drink doesn't usually put me off.

Last year The Rye and the Sun and Doves (Camberwell borders) were tipped. I did the Rye (2nd time after a glorious one in 2005) and it was a good bash - complete with stripping barmaid (unforgettable).

An ED establishment has still to prove itself as THE place to go for New Year like other parts of London I know and the fact that you have had no response to your post yet suggests more apathy this year.

So come on - who's organising a decent bash?

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For the past 3 or 4 years I have headed down to The Bishop for NYE. Its usually ?10 / ticket, get them in advance, and a good laugh! They clear out all the middle tables to create a dance floor, there is a DJ, confetti/streamers/bangers etc at midnight and generally a great ED feel....best of all Food and Wine stay open and are almost next door!
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Thanks for your kind words *Anna*, message me privately with your details and you get yourself a free ticket for NYE at The Bishop.

This year will be the same ?10, same DJ, dancing on the bar but no confetti, streamers or bangers (as after four years we have decided to make life a little easier for the cleaner New Year's Day) HOWEVER there will be lasers, disco ball & a smoke machine. The aim is to make the evening the complete opposite of the millenium anti-climax, 10 long years ago...

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Michael Palaeologus Wrote:


> New Years Eve in Stab and Wine. There's a thought.


A thought best quickly obliterated.

We're off to the South Bank for NYE with Bellowhead :))

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