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Predictions for 2011


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Mick Mac will grow to love Narnia.

Sue and DJKQ will have killed each other.

Katie1997, Mick Mac, Daizie, Quids, Narnia, karter, HAL9000, and Huguenot will continue to make me piss myself on here.

This forum will continue to grow from strength to stength and when Mark knocks Bill Gates off his perch, I shall be able to say: "I knew him (M) when he was nowt".

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M&S, Starbucks and MacDonalds will open up on the Lane.

Four clowns will be arrested for running the country's biggest child abduction ring, though one will be released later when his pleas that he was just advertising the above-mentioned Maccy D's turn out to be true.

Ladymuck will finally gain control of her bladder.

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hibbs Wrote:


> Someone will start a 'Predictions for 2012'

> thread


> When it snows I will have a huge willie on my car

> again


> The Hammers will be going down

oh right

Sorry about the big willy. I didn't know it was your car.

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Despite continuing tensions, there won't be a war between North and South Korea.

Food and energy prices will get noticeably higher, with oil hitting $100/barrel by the summer.

Continuing protests/riots over government deficit plans. At least two more countries will be bailed out by the IMF.

A major bank or corporation will collapse (possibly as a result of WikiLeaks).

Evidence for global warming will continue to pour in, with Arctic sea ice reaching another new low, and record high temperatures in a number of countries during the summer.

A major new website will be launched - achieving the same level of popularity as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter - and becoming yet another Internet craze that we'll all be talking about.

3D TV will see exponential marketshare growth.

USB 3.0 will enter the mainstream, offering 5 Gbit/s transfer speeds.

Most of the new mobiles and other devices will begin to incorporate OLED screens as standard.

NASA will retire the Space Shuttle fleet.

Various natural disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks, etc...

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Mick Mac Wrote:


> There is a one in the year. We know what that

> means .

Yes ! Tottinham will concentrate on the Cup and acquire Vertigo when they realise where they are in the Prem. and drop like a stone.

Wet Spam will return to their rightful. They will be "bubbling under" like a No. 41 record and leave the Prem. Charts altogether.

"Scottie" Parker United will leave for a bigger Club like Nottingham Forest.

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In order to increase tax revenues, smoking will become compulsary in all government owned buildings, public masturbation still outlawed everywhere other than night buses.

3D TV dropped by Sky due to induced fits in children.

Wikileaks confirms that Tony Blair was not George Bush's puppet after all, the truth reveals that Rod Hull faked his own death in order to control Tony from the inside and real reason for the Blair/Brown rift was the Emu/Parky style throttling of Brown that took place in cabinet meetings.

All drugs legalised, celebrity status gained for no reason outlawed. Christopher Biggens imprisoned on elba, Abi Titmuss tied in a sack and thrown off Tower Bridge and all of presenters from 'loose women' beheaded in Trafalgar Square.

The internet will die. Ed forum will be replaced with huge scalextric set delivering post-its to users door to door.

KFC clone centipede with chicken, 1 chickapede provides enough legs to feed a family of four for a year, thus ending world hunger. Unfortunately every child grows to over 25 stone within 6 months the UK sinks by August

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wjfox Wrote:



> Food and energy prices will get noticeably higher,

> with oil hitting $100/barrel by the summer.


It's gone from 66 to 91 in last 52 weeks, and current 52 week forecast is 105... I wouldn't be surprised if it went higher.

Also affecting some people (rural, without gas) a lot is heating oil price, which has risen 70% in last three months. Scary if you depend on it to heat your home.

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