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Famous People in Sainsburys


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I have seen James Nesbitt several times, he lives or livedoff East Dulwich Road. I have seen naughty Tracey from Corrie loads of times in North Cross Rd pushing a pram. The story goes that she spent years in prison however, she was infact on Witness Protection working in Foxton's all the while....
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Penguin68 Wrote:


> I saw a guy the spit-and-image of Karl Pilkington

> in DKH Sainsbury's this morning, with a small

> child in tow - does anyone know if the real KP has

> such an encumbrance, or indeed lives anywhere near

> London?

He does live in London, but north of the river. No kids. Probably a lookalike.

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Peckhamgatecrasher Wrote:


> Was that truly Nina from Being Human in L.Lane

> yesterday?

Probably was - I've seen her several times (and if she reads this would like to apologise for looking mildly gormless each time - combination of baby brain & thinking I know you/should say hello :-$)

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the-e-dealer Wrote:


> No the Blolke out of Ashes to Ashes sorry not good

> with Names /Celebs

Phillip Glenister = Ashes to Ashes. Robert Glenister = Hustle. The latter has, occasionally, been spotted buying his Sunday joint in W Rose

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Seen a few actors/actresses in Sainsburys, DKH, over the past few years.

Spotted one at the check-out on Friday and I just can't place her - she has short blonde hair and is in a detective kind of series I'm sure.

Since found out her name is Clare Holman.

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