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Famous People in Sainsburys


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A few years ago when my son was young and in a buggy, I was walking down one of the aisles in sainsburys and caught the eye of a woman with short, blond hair coming towards me. She was very familiar to me (maybe one of the other mums from nursery/playgroup/clinic? etc) and we both smiled and nodded at each other, as you do to someone you know vaguely. As we passed, I was glad she didn't stop to talk as I couldn't remember where it was I knew her from. I walked to the end of the aisle and it suddenly came to me - it was Haley Cropper from Coronation Street, minus the wig!
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I have seen Shirly from Eastenders a couple of times there, plus Moss from the IT crowd. Around The Actress we saw the Irish hguy froom Primevil and Joanna Page's Hubby who Used to be on Emmerdale. Finally Seen the grey haired Australian who used to be on Home and Away, neighbours and Emmerdale and most recently the westend version of Priscilla :)
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Never seen anyone famous in E.D.

Probably woud not recognize them anyway...

BUT.. in 1974 went to see film Earthquake..

Need a pee afterwards.. so there I was and Standing next to me Peeing was.. Wait for it..

Hughie Green..

I had a pee standing next to Hughie ******* Green.

For Fox Sake. :'(

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